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"IOX - SLS snappet forran Sinopec - nå kjøper de isteden?"

IOX 17.01.2017 kl 09:31 1339

Kinesere og Indere sammen som del av Sinopec var med å by på drilling - derfor snappet SLS kontrakten....for de vet enorm superrask fortjeneste ved oppkjøp....

Mansarovar Energy Colombia, a JV formed by India's ONGC and Chinese oil firm Sinopec, is engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in Colombia. Mansarovar currently has 10 wells operating in the country with a combined output in excess of 30,000b/d. The firm owns interests in 11 fields across Colombia's Middle Magdalena basin, through association contracts with Colombia's state oil company Ecopetrol. Mansarovar is based in Bogota, Colombia.

Mansarovar Energy executive president Harvinderjit Singh has made a couple of rounds with Colombian press to highlight the future of the Indian/Chinese owned firm, and said it plans to invest US$490M into its Colombian operation.

Singh added upon recent interviews have gave to talk about the firm’s 10th anniversary in Colombia, but now he had more detailed projections and plans. In an interview with El Tiempo, he said that the firm expects to first reach a production average of 37,000bd and continue with growth through 2020, eventually tripling that number in a good price scenario to reach 120,000bd.

This investment however is dependent on oil prices being around US$57/barrel in 2017, and also on the firm being able to negotiate the extension of its Nare association contract.

If prices are 10% less, then a good quantity of its projects would not be viable and so postponed the investment could be reduced to US$360M in that case.

But if prices recover and reach 10% more than the US$57 figure, then it could accelerate work in Nare and Velásquez, and expand its plan for steam injections in other contracts. This would bring up the investment for the next five years to US$700M.

The firm is also considering purchasing interests in new fields, and will use a ‘cash call’ to its shareholders to review the economic viability of different projects. But he said that the challenge is to find assets in Colombia that meet the minimum size requirements established by shareholders.

Middle Magdalena is of particular interest since it is close to the company’s current operations. But it is also looking at assets in other mature basins like the Llanos, the Upper Magdalena Valley, Putumayo and Catatumbo.
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