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NEXT Biometrics passes 3 million sensors shipped

NEXT 19.10.2017 kl 10:56 3162

19/10-2017 10:52:37: (NEXT) NEXT Biometrics passes 3 million sensors shipped
NEXT Biometrics this week shipped fingerprint sensor number 3 million.

NEXT CEO Ritu Favre comments: " Passing 3 million sensors shipped, we have now over several
quarters consistently demonstrated our ability to mass produce high quality, mass market
robust sensors at what has become very high yield rates.

The NEXT organisation is continuing to focus on preparations of products and scaling for
leadership within our key target smart card and government id markets. The total number of
smart card, government ID and access control projects is steadily growing, showing a stronger
than ever interest in the NEXT technology. "

ABOUT NEXT Biometrics:
Enabled by its patented NEXT Active Thermal principle, NEXT Biometrics
( offers large high-quality area fingerprint sensors in both rigid and
flexible formats. The sensors are can be implemented in a wide range of product formats,
including smartcards, governments ID, notebooks, tablets, access control, wearables, payment
terminals, tokens, key fobs and many more.

NEXT BIOMETRICS GROUP ASA is a publicly listed company headquartered in Oslo, Norway
and with sales, support and development subsidiaries in Seattle, Silicon Valley, Taipei, Prague
and Shanghai.

Media and Investor contacts for NEXT Biometrics:
Ritu Favre (CEO),
Knut Stålen (CFO),

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