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qec i dag

QEC 09.07.2018 kl 13:05 5709

ny dag nye muligheter, start debatt, ha en fin børsdag.
Redigert 10.07.2018 kl 08:17 Arkivert
Dette er en arkivert tråd!
09.07.2018 kl 13:41 3594

Hva vil du oppnå med å starte denne tråden ?
Oppmerksomhet rundt deg selv ? Nei, det er mange idioter som starter tråder som dette. Skaff dere et liv ! Og forresten er QEC opp i dag.
09.07.2018 kl 14:33 3502

Surpomper er det over alt, kaller du 6øre for opp må du tenke deg om, meningen med tråden var å få en saklig komentar fra noen saklige qecinvestorer.
09.07.2018 kl 19:19 3306

In 14 days this one will make or brake and that's a fact. Hopefully the Canadian politicians will be respect their own energy politics and let QEC go ahead

10.07.2018 kl 08:13 2950

Ny dag nye muligheter, ha en fin børsdag.
10.07.2018 kl 08:53 2847

Må snart skje noe mer i QEC , jeg må uansett vente til kursen er passert 4kr før jeg eventuelt har tjent noe. Men vil sitte videre opp mot 5-6 kroner.. får krysse fingrende og håpe noe positivt vil snart skje
10.07.2018 kl 09:18 2788

Jeg må opp til 5,50, men det kan gå fort dersom politikerne kommer til fornuft:-D
10.07.2018 kl 15:47 2535

Fracking for natural gas is key to wealth creation in Quebec
By Robert Presser on July 9, 2018
While many Quebeckers like to unplug in the summer and turn their backs on politics, in a few weeks they can expect representatives from the Quebec Liberals, PQ, CAQ and Quebec Solidaire to begin breaking into their peaceful hazy days. There will be no avoiding the October 1st provincial election, and one of the major issues will be economic development and wealth creation in Quebec.

Francois Legault of the CAQ reminds voters at every turn that Quebec’s finances only appear healthy because we receive $11 billion in equalization payments under the current regime. Our $2 billion budget surplus would really be a $9 billion deficit if we did not have the generosity of the rest of Canada to fall back on. Legault feels that this weakens Quebec’s place within Canada and is an embarrassment he wants to invigorate the Quebec economy, promote entrepreneurship, innovation and new investment. So why is no one talking about our great underground potential, natural gas?

Quebec has access to the Utica Shale deposit, a vast territory that runs along the Appalachian Mountains all the way from Quebec into Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. It is estimated that the entire Utica Shale deposit has 15.7 trillion cubic feet of potential gas deposits. Test wells drilled between 2006 and the imposition of a moratorium on fracking imposed in 2012 were overwhelmingly positive and Forest Oil declared that it’s assets alone in Quebec could represent 4 trillion cubic feet of deposits. Do these figures entice anyone? Well, the Quebec government has twisted itself into a pretzel with regulations followed by interdictions preventing any further development, largely to placate the environmental lobby that would rather have us hauling freight by oxcart than allow clean fuel development in Quebec. The Couillard position is now so incomprehensible that they prefer to bury the issue and hope that it stays that way until after the election. The Liberals are already well behind in popular support and reversing course on the fracking issue would weaken their support with the green-at-all-costs community.

Natural gas in Quebec is largely brought in from the US, and we get a significant portion of it from tight gas wells that require fracking for extraction. So, we are OK with fracking if it is done far away from our territories and we do not identify it as such. Would Quebeckers feel differently if their gas bill came labelled like cigarette cartons, with dire warnings of what gas from fracking could do to them? Maybe their wallets would still win out the Canadian Energy Research Institute found that the gas from Quebec Utica would be the second lowest cost of supply in North America while Quebec currently has one of the highest prices of natural gas in North America.

There is significant bias against the use of gas in Quebec, where electricity generated by hydro is king. However, gas is still a highly efficient, clean source of power – it is cheaper to heat your apartment with a forced-air natural gas furnace than inefficient electric radiators distributed along the periphery of the space. No matter, though – the hydro lobby will work to suppress natural gas by preying on fears that fracking is unsafe.

There are ways to responsibly develop our natural gas deposits via fracking without endangering the water table. What is irresponsible is to dismiss this great potential for energy independence and economic development out of fear and political collusion to suppress a responsible review of the risks versus the rewards. It’s not like we have a whole host of enticing alternatives for wealth creation in this province we have lower rates of participation in higher education, entrepreneurship and business formation, foreign direct investment and exporting enterprises than our surrounding provinces and US states. If Legault is going to make a go on his promise to make Quebec a “have” province, then the opportunity of direct investment in local natural gas exploration and extraction is going to have to be a pillar of his economic development platform.

Most importantly, natural gas development in Quebec would bring new, well-paying jobs to, initially, the lower St. Lawrence and eventually to manufacturing industries across Quebec like metal transformation and services like transportation. For the small towns of Quebec who have seen people and jobs move elsewhere, natural gas exploration in Quebec offers hope for rural areas where, coincidentally, there is also significant support for the CAQ.

Some may remember the Great Whale hydroelectric development project championed by Robert Bourassa in the 1980s. It was going to produce another 3,000 megawatts of clean power for the export market and would have allowed the early-shut down of dirty coal-fired power plants in the US. Opposition by the Cree Indians forced the cancellation of that project no politician has dared to venture reviving it since. Opportunities like Utica Shale natural gas or Great Whale hydro come along so rarely that we need a Quebec politician who will take the political risk and tell the truth to voters about the potential this project represents and how it can significantly augment our future economic prospects. Quebec is a have-not province, but with an honest review of natural gas development we can embark on a path to ending our status as the poster-child for equalization payment largesse.

When a Quebec politician rings your doorbell this summer, do not dismiss him or her contritely ask them about Quebec natural gas and how they feel it fits into our model for the future, let’s get it back at the front of our development agenda.

Robert Presser is executive vice-president of Acme Engineering

10.07.2018 kl 16:21 2456

flått kiza 42, meget informativt, håper han blir hørt på.
11.07.2018 kl 09:26 2024

Meget interessant artikkel. Sitter med en følelse av at industrien har mer makt enn PLQ skal ha det til.
11.07.2018 kl 12:09 1855

Not to be negative

But, you should brase yourself for a hard landing.

This is not the US, the politicians listen more to the people in Canada.

If it is with reason or not, so just so that they can be re-elected

They are untrustworthy

Personally I like QEC, but it is to risky for me at the moment

Good luck

Redigert 11.07.2018 kl 12:35 Arkivert
11.07.2018 kl 15:30 1614

den kunne nu holt tritt med canada synest jeg!
11.07.2018 kl 19:42 1449

Som der skrives i artiklen, har Quebec 9 milliarder $ i underskud hvert år.
De over lever fordi resten af Canada sender penge til dem.
Hvis ikke der blev sendt penge fra resten af Canada, ville de være i samme situation som Detroit. Bankerot...
11.07.2018 kl 21:19 1327


That is true

But like I said, good sense does not always win

Sad but true

Hopefully it will, but it's a high risk here
11.07.2018 kl 21:46 1285

Så länge Kanada har detta system kommer Quebecers sitta med armarna i kors och håva in pengarna.
11.07.2018 kl 21:49 1282

Skulle gjerne hørt hva Domus tenker..
11.07.2018 kl 23:48 1122

mcaxel "high risk" - mulig at jeg er rimelig sløv, men:
- ferske kursmål fra analytikere er fra 6 kroner og oppover
- ev inntekter fra Jordan er ikke medtatt
- kursen har halvert seg (og vel så det) den siste måneden
- kursen i dag er 3 kroner +
- det forberedes erstatningssøksmål dersom frackingvedtaket blir stående
- oljeprisen forventes fortsatt høy i overskuelig fremtid

Jeg greier faktisk ikke å se hva som er "high risk" med Qec på dette nivået, dette måtte i tilfelle være psykologien i markedet eller et generelt krakk (som kommer før eller siden).
12.07.2018 kl 09:01 922

Ny dag og nye sjangser, canada er fortsatt 5% over oss, hvorfor?
12.07.2018 kl 14:38 650


I torsdagens rapport fra Investtech anbefales salg av aksjer i Questerre Energy.

- Questerre Energy har brutt ned fra en tilnærmet horisontal trendkanal. Fortsatt svak utvikling indikeres, og Questerre Energy møter nå motstand ved eventuelle reaksjoner opp mot trendlinjen, samt ved 4.40 kroner, skriver Investtech.

- Etter siste ukers nedgang er RSI under 30. Det vil si at momentumet er sterkt negativt, og videre nedgang indikeres. Qesterre Energy anses derfor som en salgskandidat basert på teknisk analyse, avslutter Investtech.

I skrivende stund omsettes aksjen for 3,08 kroner, ned 0,26 prosent.

I løpet av den siste måneden har aksjen falt 20,31 prosent mens den er ned 48,56 prosent hittil i år.

Aksjetips børsinvesttechquesterre

Hva tenker dere om dette? Selger dere eller sitter dere fortsatt i aksjen?
12.07.2018 kl 15:49 560

Investtech er bare noe rør. Stemmer nesten aldri. Denne skal til minimum kr 5 ila året.
12.07.2018 kl 17:32 451

Disippelen, det er ikke så mye å mene om for tiden.
Det politiske er vanskelig å si noe om.
Vi får se om Couillard fører sitt forslag gjennom, eller om han utsetter avgjørelsen til etter valget. Det avhenger nok av kommentarer og hvorledes de tolker opinionens respons.
Skulle det føres gjennom, vil nok psykologien dra Qec ned og vice versa.
Jordan går sin gang. Positive utsikter.
Kakwa likeledes.
Kicking Horse er nok brått ferdig boret på sin første JV brønn, men jeg heller til at de borer en til før de fracker begge brønner. Dermed vil resultater drøye til et stykke utpå høsten. Velger de å fracke den første brønnen med en gang, har vi resultater i august, tenker jeg.
12.07.2018 kl 17:46 424

Takk Domus.

3 kr er vel uansett ikke dyrt. De fleste verdsetter Qec til kr 6+ uten Quebec. Så får vi se om vi midlertidig skal ned mot 2,5 eller ikke..
13.07.2018 kl 11:41 40

Det må vel ha rabla helt for folk dersom de sier nei til å ta ut olje/gassrikdomen sin, trass i om de får penger fra staten for å importere.Det er vel snakk om arbeidsplasser i mange år.
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