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Parex is out to try to sell (LLA-32 / LLA-34) and expect to get Big money out of it!
In Norway IOX shareholders are talking about how they earn a dime in a week

Parex to Explore Potential Strategic Repositioning

CALGARY, Alberta, July 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parex Resources Inc. (“Parex” or the “Company”) (TSX:PXT), a company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and focused on Colombian oil exploration and production, announces that its Board of Directors ("Board") has determined it is timely, prudent and in the best interests of the Company to initiate a formal process to explore, review and evaluate strategic repositioning alternatives with a view to enhancing shareholder value. Parex' Board and management team believe that the Company is ideally placed, given its strong financial position and the stage of development of its assets, to undertake this process.

The strategic repositioning review will focus on the potential sale of the Company’s long life Southern Casanare (“SoCa”) assets (LLA-32, LLA-34 and Cabrestero), the retention of its high impact exploration assets and the return of the net sale proceeds to shareholders, potentially resetting Parex as an exploration driven, industry leading, high growth Colombia focused junior oil company.  Consideration will also be given to a corporate sale or other strategic actions that would result in the creation of additional value for shareholders.  This review of strategic repositioning alternatives may result in no specific transaction being pursued, with the Company continuing its operations as they currently exist with a focus on sustainable self-funded growth.

Parex believes it is in a unique position to evaluate a potential strategic repositioning to enhance shareholder value because the Company has two asset platforms: its long life development stage SoCa asset base plus a growing suite of early stage, higher impact exploration assets supported by Parex’ balance sheet.  As the SoCa assets offer ongoing production growth and significant free cash flow, Parex believes there may exist opportunities for strategic repositioning that could enhance shareholder value."

"2P Reserves84$3,731$250$3,48144%3P Reserves109$4,923$328$4,59551%As per 2017 GLJ Report including GLJ's forecast pricing effective January 1, 2018.  Please refer to Parex' February 6, 2018 news release entitled “Parex Resources Increases 2P Reserves by 45% to 162 MMboe” and the Company's Annual Information Form dated March 5, 2018 as available on www.sedar.com.  MMBoe refers to millions of barrels of oil equivalent.Parex internal estimate using Brent oil at $75/bbl. Operating Netback is calculated as working interest revenue less royalties, transportation expenses and operating expenses and excluding corporate tax.Parex internal estimate. Free Cash Flow is calculated as Operating Netback less future development capital and excluding corporate tax.Free Cash Flow as set out in the 2017 GLJ Report and using GLJ's forecast pricing effective January 1, 2018 is $2.9 billion for 2P reserves and $3.9 billion for 3P reserves. Note that the average Brent oil price in the 2017 GLJ Report for 2019-2023 period is $66.70/bbl.All dollar amounts are in United States Dollars."


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