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Ny artikkel fra findbiometrics.com nå idag.


Noen utdrag:
"In the authentication department, IDEX’s cards play it simple and elegant. As the CEO mentioned, the biometric data is stored and matched on the card, bringing a decentralized approach to data storage in line with the online authentication specs forwarded by the FIDO Alliance. Furthermore, the low cost bendable sensor draws its power from a payment terminal when it’s being used, in either inserted EMV chip or NFC tap configurations. That means no batteries, which means no upkeep. Beyond the actual fact that the card has a fingerprint sensor, the actual ownership of the card is the same as before."

"New payments regulations are working in the solution’s favor, too. This September, when the PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication requirements come into play, biometrics are set to play a key role in compliance.

In the end the biometric card is just a better credit card, and that will work to its benefit. Mastercard can leverage its current distribution infrastructure to get IDEX’s tech in the hands of users everywhere. In our interview, Swearingen said that the company is prepared for rapid growth and we can “expect to see banks rolling out millions of biometric smart cards to millions of customers by 2019.” That means millions customers will be getting biometric payment cards through the mail, along with easy to understand instructions of how to activate them from home. In terms of biometric proliferation, it’s as good as it gets. And because smartphones and mobile wallets have already accustomed the general public with fingerprint scanning for payments, the transition will feel even more natural than if the next gen cards weren’t competing with the likes of Apple and Samsung."

Alt i alt en veldig flott artikkel, legg merke til det midterste avsnittet også!
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