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Innformasjon om delisting på websiden nå.


"Q: What is the process and timeline for the Delisting?
Assuming an affirmative vote with the required majority for the Delisting Resolution and approval of the delisting
application by Oslo Børs, the Company will distribute detailed practical information relevant for Shareholders
holding VPS Interests.
It is anticipated that should the Oslo Børs approve the Delisting, there will be a period of residual trading (1-3
months) to ensure a smooth transition for VPS Interest holders.
Indicative Timetable
Posting of Shareholder Circular mid August 2018
General Meeting mid September 2018
Delisting confirmed (if approved) early October
Trading on OSE ceases late 2018 / early 2019
Q: Do your major Institutional Investors support the delisting?
The Company’s largest institutional shareholders are based in the UK and fully support the decision to seek a
Delisting from Oslo Børs, due to the cost savings and more efficient use of management time.
Q: Will the Company save costs by the Delisting?
The cost of maintaining the Oslo Børs listing is a burden on the Company’s financial resources and management
time and is disproportionate to the benefits gained from the Oslo Børs listing, given the size of the Company.
Financial costs include the annual listing fee payable to Oslo Børs, fees paid to the Company’s Norwegian legal
advisers and public relations advisers and fees paid to the VPS Registrar. As part of the package of measures to
focus management time on the Company’s assets and reduce cost and inefficiency, the Board is of the view that
the Delisting will contribute significantly to the Company's ongoing cost-cutting initiatives as well as general
operational efficiencies
Q: What other benefits do you see from Delisting from OSE?
At present, the Company is required to comply with the Norwegian rules applicable to companies listed on Oslo
Børs (e.g. relevant rules in the Norwegian Securities Trading Act and the Continuing Obligations) and AIM Rules
for Companies which differ in certain areas and accordingly impose additional regulatory burdens and increased
compliance costs that would be avoided if the Delisting were approved."

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