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Polysilicon and si-wafer manufacturers continued to respond to slowing demand this week with capacity control. The overall price is now balanced by limited supply and the demand side’s inventory preparations. Changes in the downstream overseas markets are still influenced by the safeguard duty in India and the impending expiry of the European MIP, and Taiwan’s capacity has been replaced by the flexibility of capacity in Southeast Asia, which has led to an unexpected rise in prices in the region. As these developments have all been influenced by the spread of market information, the outlook of the market’s supply and demand will still depend on the flexible distribution of each manufacturer.


This week, there have been polysilicon orders signed to the end of August in China, but the overall situation was still limited by capacity allocation. So far, the overhaul plan has affected 14,000-15,000 tons of capacity, including two overseas manufacturers, so the polysilicon supply in August is expected to remain tight. Yet, due to the unreleased demand, the price roughly remained stable. So far, the price of multi-si material in China has reached RMB 83-90/KG, and the price of mono-si material has slightly reduced to RMB 90-98/KG, making the price difference between mono-si and multi-si become small. Overseas multi-si material price has stabilized at above US$10.3/KG.

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