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03/04-2018 08:00:02: (PHO) Blue Light Flexible Cystoscopy followed by tumor treatment with Laser results in less patient burden, improved satisfaction and cost reduction.
Oslo, Norway, April 3rd, 2018, Photocure ASA (OSE: PHO), is pleased to announce
that a new study on Blue Light Cystoscopy (BLCTM) with Hexvix® using the KARL
STORZ flexible videoscope system in the outpatient setting for the laser
treatment of Low-Grade bladder tumors was published in Scandinavian Journal of
Urology, link to publication: This study, by Drs
Hermann, Mogensen and Susanne Rosthoj, MSc, established that the method of
removing lesions with the laser diode in an outpatient setting provides a well
tolerated treatment of low-grade non-invasive tumor recurrences, and allows for
the patients to leave immediately after treatment.

The study involved 21 patients who had histology verified, low-grade bladder
tumors smaller than 1.5 cm in the bladder identified during outpatient
surveillance flexible cystoscopy. Patients underwent the BLC with Hexvix
assisted laser procedure and had a 1-month follow-up cystoscopy and biopsy
guided by Blue Light Cystoscopy (BLCTM) and the KARL STORZ flexible videoscope.
Follow up of patients was for 12-16 months. The measurement of pain was with a
validated visual analog method from the European Organization for the Research
and treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire for the Non-Muscle
Invasive Bladder Cancer.

"Use of BLCTM with Hexvix® to identify the tumors when they are small makes it
possible to treat more patients in the office setting. The laser treatment of
lesions caused limited pain and patients were able to return to their daily
activities immediately after the procedure. We found that this method is
effective for the treatment of Ta low-grade tumors. Treating more patients on an
outpatient basis results in considerable quality of life benefits to the
patients and economic benefits to the health care system. Following the results
of this methods validation study we are now evaluating the method in a
randomized controlled trial," said Dr Gregers G. Hermann, Consultant Urologist,
DM Sc. F.E.B.U. Herlev and Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen and main
investigator of the study.

"In this proof of principle study of BLCTM with Hexvix® to detect and control,
and the laser technique to remove Ta low-grade lesions in the outpatient
setting, it was estimated that 25% of the TURBT procedures could be performed in
the outpatient (office) basis without general anesthesia. This resulted in an
estimated direct cost savings of EUR140,976 per million inhabitants. Using Blue
Light Flexible cystoscopy during this procedure makes the urologists confident
that all tumors are detected and removed and patients can avoid an operating
room surgery while receiving effective treatment for this recurrent and
progressive disease. It is exciting to see the emerging developments in bladder
cancer and the new role that Hexvix can play to offer patients improved
management of their disease," said Kjetil Hestdal, M.D., Ph.D., President and
CEO, Photocure ASA.

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