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Prohibition of fracking: Gazelles want to sue Quebec

Gas companies that hold exploration licenses in the St. Lawrence Valley plan to sue the Quebec government, which has decided to ban hydraulic fracturing throughout the territory that would contain shale gas potential.

In an interview at Le Devoir on Monday, the spokesman of the Petroleum and Gas Association of Qubec (QGQA), Richard Ttrault, said that companies do not intend to simply give up thousands of square kilometers of exploration permits that they have been in the St. Lawrence Lowlands for several years.

"It is not the role of the QOGA to take the government to court. It's the companies that will do it, and they're currently thinking about how to do it, "he said. The QOGA "will support them," he added.

This is the number of square kilometers of exploration permits currently held by a dozen companies in the south of the province, mainly on the north shore and on the south shore of the St. Lawrence, between Montreal and Qubec.

"I can tell you on their behalf today that many companies are thinking about how to do it and when to do it. If the question is: Do they intend to do it? The answer is yes, "insisted Mr. Ttrault, who has already been president of the Qubec Manufacturers and Exporters.

A dozen companies currently hold more than 13,000 km2 of exploration permits in the southern part of the province, mainly on the north shore and on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, between Montreal and Qubec. More than 70% of this licensed acreage is controlled by companies outside Qubec, mainly Alberta companies.

It is the percentage of this licensed area that is controlled by companies outside Qubec, primarily Alberta businesses.


Until June, Ttrault reminded us that it was not intended that the Hydrocarbons Act would simply prohibit hydraulic fracturing in shale, the geological formation that would contain a gas potential in the St. Lawrence Lowlands. Lawrence.

However, with the enactment of the regulation of the Hydrocarbons Act last Friday, several companies find themselves overnight the impossibility of carrying out work, whereas this is not the intention that was manifested by the government in recent years. "There is always a question of putting in place a legislative framework to oversee the production of hydrocarbons. There is no question of banning this production. is a moratorium by the door from behind, "he argued.

"It is therefore believed that these regulations, determined fairly quickly, have an illegal character and we will challenge them". According to Mr. Ttrault, "there is unanimity on the illegal character" of this ban on fracking among the member companies of the APGQ.

For the oil and gas lobby, however, there is no question of launching exploitation projects "in the communities that will refuse them". The "social acceptability" should be at the rendezvous, Ttrault said, adding that some municipal "are ready to discuss the development of projects."

Qubec currently imports all of its natural gas consumption, in a context where the government wishes to increase the use of this energy source, in the name of the "energy transition". However, stressed the spokesperson of the APGQ, the gas consumed here is more and more shale gas. "Qubec condones hydraulic fracturing, but it is done by others," he said.
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