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Gode erfaringer med blue light cystoscopy sprer seg:

"I have been told by my husband's urologist that blue light cystoscopy is best for viewing CIS, but that BCG treatments inflame the bladder and therefore interfere with it's efficacy. So, blue light cystoscopy after BCG treatments may not be helpful. I called the Cysview people and they told me the same thing.

Cliffsider, you gave me important information about Cysview in an earlier post and I really appreciated it. I didn't even know what it was until you told me about it. My husband is going for a second opinion at an NCI hospital next week. It's the Moffitt Center in Tampa Florida. I was shocked to have them tell me that they don't have blue light cystoscopy available there at the present time. They are hoping to have it in a few months. The doctor there also told me that blue light cystoscopy is not very useful after BCG treatments due to BCG inflammation. As far as I know, the Moffitt Center has a very good reputation with bladder cancer, so that really surprised me. Needless to say, I'm pretty confused.

cbutler1311, it seems like your doctors think blue light will be very useful, even just 3 weeks after BCG treatments. Thank you very much for sharing that update. It means a lot. I certainly need to do more research about this. I'm thinking now that maybe we need to go to a different NCI hospital for my husband. From your experience, it seems that blue light cystoscopy is pretty important to spot CIS regardless of BCG inflammation. I wish you and your husband the very best. There are plenty of people with CIS on this discussion board who have kept their CIS in check for many years by staying on top of it. Sounds like you and your husband are doing a great job with that. Good luck!"

Motforestillinger kan komme på grunn av vegring mot å investere i nytt utstyr. Men man skal ikke underestimere makten/betydningen av pasient erfaringer som sprer seg...
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