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De virker som at FAR sin boring av en brønn i Samo (A2) er nær forestående. Far selv har snakket om sent eller på slutten av året. Nå ser det til at det kan skje allerede i oktober.

«Drilling imminent offshore The Gambia»

LONDON – The first well offshore The Gambia in nearly 40 years could spud later this month, according to the country’s Petroleum Minister Jerreh Barrow.
Australia’s FAR and partner Petronas have contracted the drillship Stena DrillMAX to drill the Samo prospect in offshore block A2, west of Chevron’s 1979 Jammah-1 well.
The Minister, speaking at Spectrum Geo’s Explorers’ Seminar in London last week, pointed out that the deepwater SNE oilfield offshore Senegal to the north is partly on trend with A2.
The Gambia has made available other offshore blocks to exploration, and the government has recently signed an agreement with Spectrum, he added, to acquire new ultra-deepwater seismic and then help coordinate the bidding.
Barrow said the country’s Petroleum Negotiation Committee, with representatives from 10 key government institutions, had been formed a year ago to manage licensing activity.
At the same time, the government has drawn on the experiences of other countries in the area relatively new to offshore E&P, such as Senegal and Ghana.
“One of the lessons we have learned,” he said, “is the need to have knowledge of this sector spread across government institutions so that they can all be positively involved – hence the establishment also of various sub-committees.”
This process has proven to be very helpful in dealings, he added, with, for instance, geophysical services providers.
At the same time the government has drawn up a list of what it considers as 10 credible IOCs to bid for the blocks and will issue clarification over the terms later this month ahead of the deadline for the submission of proposals in mid-November.
This will be followed by a period of evaluation, he said, “then we hope to close the licensing process by the turn of the year.”
Barrow claimed that the surrounding MSGBC offshore basin, extending more than 500,000 sq km (193,051 sq mi), was now the most exciting anywhere, with the 10 consecutive wells drilled in recent years all successful.
Studies suggest that the main source rock is in the Cenomanian-Turonian interval that holds the SNE reservoir, he said, with potential for gas in the Jurassic/base Cretaceous level.


Og her

FAR to drill first Gambia well in October

Next month, Africa-focused ASX-listed oil and gas explorer FAR expects to spud the first well off the coast of Gambia in 40 years.

Upstream oil and gas news site reported on Thursday that the drillship Stena DrillMAX is expected to start drilling the Samo-1 prospect in October. Samo-1 will target an estimated 825 million barrels of oil across two intervals; an upper Albian reservoir and a lower Albian interval.

“We will be spudding a 35-day well around 20 October. That date will be nailed down in the next few weeks when we go through the rig acceptance process,” FAR Managing Director Catherine Norman said.

Meanwhile, the Gambian leader Adama Barrow has told country’s lawmakers on Thursday that major international oil companies have expressed interest in exploring and commercializing the hydrocarbon potential of the small nation.

In a state of the nation address meant to review his first year and announce policies for the following year, Barrow said two licenses have been given license to drill two prospective blocks loosely call A2 and A5.

Gambia has 6 prospective oil wells all offshore near the Senegalese SNE1 that has been drilled by FAR.

The FAR managing director said they expect results from the well in mid-December.

FAR picked up its acreage off Gambia, which includes the A2 and A5 blocks, in February 2017 after signing a deal with US company Erin Energy to take an 80-percent operated interest.

FAR paid roughly $166,000 per percentage point to farm in and received a significant premium when it farmed out a 40% non-operated interest to Malaysian giant Petronas 11 months later.

“That shows you the amount of interest that has been generated in this particular region to be able to increase the value of that farm-in in such a short period of time,” she noted.

The farm-out deal with Petronas will see the Malaysian company fund 80 percent of the Samo-1 exploration well, up to a total gross cost of $45 million, and pay FAR a $6-million payment plus 80 percent of non-well back costs.

Following the farm-out of a 40 percent share to Petronas, FAR continues to hold a 40 percent operated stake in the A2 and A5 blocks, with Erin holding the remaining 20 percent.


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