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Innlegget er slettet
Det ser ikke ut til at Totals tildeling har gått redelig for seg. Som tidligere kjent så nektet oljeministeren å signere avtalen og ble etter dette sparket.
Ser også at gode gamle Frank Timis ikke forsvinner selv om han er borte fra selskapet.

Shadows cast over Senegal

Barry Morgan - 25 Oct 2018 22:00 GMT

Investor confidence in Senegal as an offshore destination was knocked back this week when President Macky Sall’s former energy minister Thierno Alasanne Sall chose the eve of an international oil conference to broadside the presidency over mismanagement of natural resources, writes Barry Morgan.

Thierno Sall condemned the manner in which several industrial awards had been made, specifying the allocation of two sought-after blocks, the St Louis Deep and Cayar Deep, to the little known exploration vehicle PetroTim, which he described as “the biggest scandal in the history of Senegal”.

The son of a former Imam at the Grand Mosque in Grand Thies, Thierno Sall this month declared himself as the presidential candidate for his Republic of Values movement and has campaigned on a ticket of transparency.

Thierno Sall urged the declassification of government reports commissioned to investigate if malfeasance had taken place, and promised to provide further evidence himself if so required.

The former minister referenced the subsequent acquisition of title to these and other blocks in which vehicles associated with Romanian-Australian magnate Frank Timis and his partners enjoyed a controlling share — equity that was later much reduced.

Thierno Sall insisted procedural safeguards under local administrative law had been breached, castigating President Sall for ruling by decree and causing potential loss to the state running into billions of dollars.

The opaque antecedents surrounding title to some of Senegal’s most prized offshore acreage has deterred some players from entering the play — Australian independent Woodside Petroleum demurred before giving up on the Rufisque Deep, where Total eventually took on operatorship from Oslo-listed African Petroleum.

Thierno Sall last year refused to sign off the Rufisque acreage with Total and was promptly sacked.

However, the big players then moved in without apparent concern, notably UK supermajor BP, French major Total, US independent Kosmos Energy and Malaysian state player Petronas, effectively wiping the slate clean for other majors companies to take on equity.

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