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18.08.2020 kl 21:17 1811

Legger til noen Q&A som jeg kunne tenkt meg å fått med👌

1. Will the future bring improved Tlens with the newly discovered piezo electric materials ? If so , can you tell us how?

1.(Dette er noe jeg har blitt besvart av Isaksen om, men tenker dette er noe som bør komme frem i en Q&A setting da dette er meget relevant for fremtiden!)

2. What will be your time estemate in releasing the bigger tlens that wil fit bigger aperatures? And in what way will Polight benefit from this solution?

3. Can you tell us more about the production volumes that are realistic within 1 year?

4. How mutch does polight earn per lens, after cost?

5. If demand grows beond expectations, do you have a backup plan to ramp up the production at all 3 sites?(Horten,Italy,Taiwan)

6. Is there a plan for future marketing and advertisement or does Polight rely on user reviews and event covrage?

7. Does Polight have any new real competitors in speed and powerconsumtion?

8. Polight is a well established company witch is known to all the big OEMs all the way back to 05, what happened after around 2018, what accelerated the way to the market?

9. It is said that Tlens is a cheap way of implementing AF to a phone,smartwatch,glasses etc. Can you give us some examples of comparisons of Tlens price vs VCM

10. Tlens is said to have many use cases, can you mention any new ereas where it might be beneficial to implement Tlens?

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