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Selvfølgelig, det vil være mange meninger der ute. Det er dette som gjør at markedet fungerer, lett mix av bear og bull.

Ser at størrelser som;
Tom McClellan, publisher of the McClellan Market Report and a high-profile chart technician, told MarketWatch that the recent downdraft has been a function of seasonal volatility associated with October and not a more significant upending of a 10-year bull market. He also said he views stocks as oversold and said he remains bullish on the stock-market outlook.

Tom Lee, managing partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors, in a Wednesday research note said one reason for the two-day rally that is under way is conditions in the market that had placed many of the stocks on U.S. exchanges in oversold positions. “This makes sense — we are massively oversold. A 10% decline in 20 days is a 2 standard deviation event,” he wrote.

Lee pointed to a number of so-called oversold conditions that have prevailed amid this October selloff, including breaches below the closely followed moving averages at 50 days and 200 days. However, he has recommended that investors should be buying — aggressively at this point.

“The prevalence of these 4 oversold conditions (50D/200D for S&P 500/Russell 2000) is a major tactical signal and we would be aggressive buyers.”


andre kan være skeptiske til oppgangen etter oversolgt, og ikke trygge på at man er ute av skogen...

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