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Haive is defined as “To be in possession of something important”. We believe information is the biggest asset of any organization, which is also why we have adopted Haive as our corporate brand name.

Data is the goldmine of the future, and fortune favors those that is best at finding, analyzing and making use of data to create intelligent workplaces.

At Haive our mission is clear: We want to help our customers create corporate brains. This will ensure that workplaces becomes more intelligent, productive, rewarding and enjoyable.

We are The AI-company. We would like to partner with you!

New ways of working
We provide our customers with new ways of working. Haive resides in the center of your organization as an intelligent oracle gathering, processing, analyzing, presenting and visualizing information. With Haive corporate intelligence is created. When your staff and colleagues are presented with their very own artificial assistant, we experience how men and machines work together in perfect harmony. Therefore our values are:
Useful: Haive narrows the gap between possibility and profitability
Scalable: Corporate intelligence for any business of all sizes
Easy to use: Contexual insight, anytime and anywhere
Happy workers: Always ahead with insight that grows careers
Insight flows to people
Gartner claims that “If you are a CIO and your organization doesn’t use AI, chances are high that your competitors do and this should be a concern.” When Haive is released into your systems, AI-functions and features grow across the infrastructure, infecting workers with intelligent information in the form of insight and factual predictions. This highly desired contagious processes will transform how you work.

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