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«Main growth initiatives in 2020

• Signed a sales and purchase agreement with Fontavis (Swiss Life) to acquire 34% ownership in a Norwegian hydropower portfolio in Norway with net expected annual production of 85 GWh

• Acquired Åmotsfoss Kraft, a hydropower plant in Norway with expected annual production of 22.5 GWh

• Acquired the small-scale wind power development company Skogvind AS

• Cloudberry has received 100% acceptance for its offer for the shares in Scanvind2 AS, a company that develops a 100 MW offshore wind power project “Rewind Vänern” in Sweden.

• Raised in total NOK 358 million in gross proceeds through private placements

• The construction of three ongoing hydropower plant projects progressed as planned

Solid position and bold ambitions for the future

• With the assets currently in the portfolio, Cloudberry has secured an annual production capacity of 160 GWh coming on-stream by September 2021, up from 12 GWh today

• Cloudberry has so far this year increased the project backlog from 778 gigawatt hours per year to above 1.6 terawatt hours per year

• Bold ambition to develop 2,500 MW offshore wind power in Sweden by 2030

Cloudberry had two plants in operation first-half of 2020 and a total revenue of NOK 2.5 million in the period. Operating profit (EBIT) was NOK -8.8 million. Main expenses were salary and personnel cost of NOK 4.9 million, operating costs of the two power plants, certain one off-costs related to the listing on Oslo Børs and transaction costs related to the announced hydropower purchases.

At the end of June 2020, the company had a solid financial position. Total equity was NOK 371 million, with an equity ratio of 85%. Interest-bearing debt was NOK 27 million. Per 30 June 2020, Cloudberry had cash and cash equivalents of NOK 192 million. In July, Cloudberry raised additional NOK 200 million in equity to finance the purchase of hydropower plants in operation»
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