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08.10.2020 kl 22:38 8268

En av leser-kommentarene til denne Seekingalpha-artikkelen er i hvertfall meget positiv:

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For the most part this stock has been flying under Wall Street's radar. Thus far there are mostly regionally-focused brokers following this stock. But it seems like more research analysts are taking notice. In recent months two new analysts began covering Quantafuel. And the existing analysts are raising their price forecasts. With the enormous upside potential to the stock price and Quantafuel's likely funding needs I think we will see at least one major investment bank jump on the bandwagon. Like most stocks that run up big and hard Quantafuel's share price is likely just taking a quick break before resuming a strong upward trend.

Based on what I've seen firsthand companies with game changing technology can experience extremely high price volatility in the early days especially when the investor base changes. That being said they often move big when they do move. I wouldn't be surprised if this stock were north of 120-150 NOK per share by year end as the story gets out. If Pareto is right and Quantafuel plans on opening 23 plants at 25 NOK of value per plant analyst price forecasts should average 575 NOK per share. That would make an investor more than 9x his/her money. I've not see any other stocks like that especially ones that have proprietary technology that can help protect the environment. If Robinhooders get wind of this I can see the stock really going bonkers.

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