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Nok en gang blander du korta. Det er ikke jeg som har doktorgrad i geologi. Jeg har kun limt inn uttalelsen fra en som har doktorgrad i geologi. Han hevder at en letelisens ikke gir tillatelse til fracking. Det er vel samme ståa som i Jorden siden Qec venter på å forhandle med kongen før de kan gå videre?

Marc Durand - Member 12 November 2018 08:35
Exploration license does not mean allowed to fracture

The licenses held by Questerre et al. Are licenses for gas and / or oil exploration. These are permits that allow you to search and possibly find conventional deposits.

For unconventional deposits, as was the case when dealing with shale gas or oil, these are unconventional deposits that could hypothetically be exploited only by using hydraulic fracturing. The government has long dithered over the possibility of granting fracturing permits; he finally closed the door to this technique in the Lowlands. It is perfectly legitimate and legal for a government to regulate an industrial activity, especially since this is an industry that would inject dangerous products into a space that belongs to the state: the underground environment. Permits are only "rental leases" of a right to explore; there is nothing in the permits granted that guaranteed a right to use one technique or the other. Any fracturing operation must always be submitted separately to a request for a specific license.

The basement of Quebec does not belong to Questerre et al. Permits only give them the right to explore; nothing in permits specifies the type of deposit. The regulation limits these potential discoveries to only conventional deposits. Let them use their licenses for that and leave out the pursuits that will lead to a bitter failure.

Marc Durand, doct-ing i geologi
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