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The Norwegian oil company Interoil wants to expand its operation in Colombia:)

Artikkel fra 14 November 2018

The history of Interoil began in the middle of the mountains of Oslo, capital of Norway. There, the company devised the hydrocarbons business with the intention of emerging in Latin America, and in 2004 it began to operate, as we know it today, in Colombia.

The oil company began its work in the departments of Casanare and Tolima, where after a hard work, the oil began to sprout. Then it became a public company and today 75 percent of its shares belong to natural persons. Currently, its cash flow is positive and it maintains operations in those same departments: in three blocks and nine wells between exploration and production.

"We are convinced that we will continue to grow, we believe in the country, we like the technical challenge and there is great potential," explains Leandro Carbone, Interoil's executive director in Colombia. However, moving forward in those territories has not been easy. Between 2017 and 2018 Interoil has made the largest investments in its history in the country.

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The absence of the government in the regions, the instability of the institutions and the oil companies that base their work of social responsibility on welfare with the delivery of money, have generated a new debate about the importance of finding mutual interests between the companies and the community. the collective benefit. Achieving that mission has been one of the great challenges for many companies. "We are not the State," is a shared response among oil workers.

In the case of Interoil, the demand of the community is so complex that it even exceeds the value of what it costs to conduct an exploration. "There are 130 families that request the construction of houses, corrals, sowing spaces and fish farming for each one. It is unsustainable, "says Carbone, adding that despite this, today the perception of coexistence between the company and the community is better than ever.

In the last year Interoil paid for the purchase of materials for the corrals and the community built them. In this way, a sense of belonging has been cultivated and the oil company has been able to advance in its operations. It has been an exercise of mutual benefit. That is the ideal of the multinational, grow hand in hand with the communities. His future plans are to expand his presence in Colombia and in South American countries such as Argentina .

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