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Mike Pence gir ett solid inntrykk av at kampen mellom Kina og USA hardner til, og at USA ikke har noen som helst planer om aa gi etter for press om aa avlyse de forventede tariffoekningene.

Pence, Xi Showdown Crushes Hopes For Trade War De-escalation!

“China has taken advantage of the United States for many years. Those days are over,” he told delegates gathered on a cruise liner docked in Port Moresby’s Fairfax Harbour.

He also took aim at China’s territorial ambitions in the Pacific and, particularly, Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative to expand land and sea links between Asia, Africa and Europe with billions of dollars in infrastructure investment. “We don’t offer constricting belts or a one-way road,” said Pence.

And then came the punchline: "The United States, though, will not change course until China changes its ways." Later, Pence told reporters he was “very hopeful” the U.S. and China could reach a deal, but “things have to change” for that to happen.

Tensions between the two nations are likely to deteriorate even more after the US took aim at China's territorial ambitions. While not referring directly to Chinese claims over various disputed waters in the region, Pence said the United States would work to help protect maritime rights and said that the US seeks to establish a military base in Papua New Guinea, aka China's back yard.

“We will continue to fly and sail where ever international law allows and our interests demand. Harassment will only strengthen our resolve.”

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