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A unique investment opportunity

The new IMO 2020 regulations limits sulphur content in marine fuels to 0.5% starting Jan 1st 2020.
This regulation will directly effect 6mbpd of marine fuel demand and is expected to lead to constrains in the global refining system resulting in widening price differentials in the products space.
The effects of IMO 2020 is not yet priced into the futures market.
IMO 2020 LLC is a unique vehicle established to exploit IMO 2020 related investment opportunities.

Attractive risk-reward structure

IMO 2020 LLC will invest in asymmetrical risk opportunities identified through fundamental analysis.
Only trades with favourable skewed risk-reward structures with limited downside relative to the upside will be considered.
The Company will not trade in and out but follow a buy and hold strategy.
Estimated ROI of 52%-226% (after cost above hurdle) if spread between gasoil and HSFO widens to USD 400-700/mt.

Top ranked team with demonstrated track record

Top ranked team with 30 years of combined oil market and commodity experience.
‒ Number 1 ranked analyst in Norway for the Oil & Gas sector for the past 4 years.

‒ 10 years’ experience from commodity sales and trading.

Demonstrated track record of calling major trends in the oil market.

Transparent structure with investor interest aligned

Closed-end approach, with initial investment and potential profits to be paid back to investors by June 2021 at the latest.
‒ Investors provided with one opportunity for early redemption before the Company is dissolved.

Investor Committee, independent of Vistin Trading AS, to approve execution of all trades (other than the Initial Trade).
Sponsor with “skin in the game” - Co-investing in the Company with 10% of the transaction (capped at USD 10m).

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