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Dette kan jeg ikke forstå anderledes enn at det er veldig positivt for BWO og Panoro.
Gabon Works on Attractive Contract Terms
Thursday, November 29, 2018

“The need to make the latest round a success made revisions to the existing hydrocarbons code—drawn up at the peak of the oil market in 2014—inevitable. So unattractive was the 2014 code for investors, that no new exploration deals were established on the basis of it.

As a signal of its intent, Gabon now plans to reduce the amount of corporate tax paid by licensees to zero from 35pc under the 2014 code, including income tax in the state profit share.

Meanwhile, royalties in production-sharing contracts are being adjusted to suit differing acreage characteristics. Minimum royalties on the new code are set at 7pc for blocks in conventional oil zones and 5pc for deep and ultra-deep offshore oil zones. For gas, the rates are 4pc and 2pc for those same zones, respectively. Other terms such as profit splits also look more favourable to the license holders. For both oil and gas, the split is 50pc and 45pc for conventional zones and deep and ultra-deep zones respectively.”

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