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Suzuki, Tides Foundation are harming Canadians' mental health
Well, hey, there's the makings of a lawsuit I could enjoy watching. The Alberta Government could sell tickets. Is there pay-per-event cable in Canada?

Here's from a column in the National Post:

If there was ever an issue that could use a dose of rationality, it is the climate change debate. A new Lancet Countdown health study released this week says Canadians are experiencing post-traumatic stress and “ecological grief” as a result of climate change. That’s perhaps not surprising when people one would like to take seriously are basically running around screaming “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!”

Not to say that there isn’t a problem, or that it isn’t significant, but focusing on achievable things is the best antidote to the hysteria. That’s one of the reasons the PC plan has some things to say about adapting to climate change. That’s the most practical thing we can do, although perhaps this wasn’t the place for tips on waterproofing your basement.

The full column is here


Do our Canadians think there's a significant change in sentiment under way?

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