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F.eks. la jeg følgende innlegg i går på et Energy board. Amerikanere forstår ikke at det går ann å leve uten å bruke bil til ALT
Suzuki, Tides Foundation are harming Canadians' mental health
Good find. ( From my European prospective, this news, and my own comments, as to the very difference, between: the Old world and the New world, North America.)

Like to make the old saying, Everything, is so much Bigger in USA.

News today:

Volkswagen has decided to set the stage for the development and production of cars with internal combustion engines - the latest generation will be launched in 2026.

Although the German car manufacturer says the latest generation of petrol and diesel cars starts rolling out of the eight-year assembly lines, Strategy Manager Michael Jost estimates that the latest car with the VW logo in the grill is being sold once around 2040.

"Our people already work with the latest car platform that is not CO2 neutral. We will gradually cut the use of internal combustion engines to an absolute minimum, "said Jost at an industrial conference in connection with the launch of the plan. Last month, the company announced a plan to spend 44 billion euros on an electric car offensive by 2023. The amount is equivalent to well over NOK 400 billion at today's rate.

While the company currently has six electric car models, VW-owned brands like Skoda, Porsche, Audi, Seat and of course Volkswagen are supposed to offer over 50 electric models by 2025.

The objective of the radical restructuring is to meet the emission requirements of the Paris agreement by 2050.

(© NTB) ( Norw. Telegraph Bureau )

Let me add, re. European cities and most countries are small. Electric cars are very suitable.

Apart from Germany, when folks wish to travel longer, Europe has an excellent criss-cross of, rail, car/passenger ferries, ( day trips and overnight services ), busses, trams ( streat cars ), ( especially cities ).

Every summer we go to the French Riviera and wouln't dream of driving down there from Norway; a distance an American might consider only natrual; as roads are so good too. Cruise control... Everything is based on using cars @ yours.

Here, f.ex., can take a night car/passenger ferry, Oslo to Kiel, Germany, Then 1,5 hours drive to Hamburg were you can take a night train, a car train. Sleep through Germany on train, destination
Frankfurt, northern boarder to Switzerland.

But that only brings you some half of the distance from there with your own car.

( The car / passenger ferry and train, knocks off 2 days each way; and still you have to drive at least one more day.)

We fly to Nice, rent a car and drive to a flat on the Riviera.

The potential of el. cars are much larger in Europe than US.

( Drive in Banks, everything is based on car, Over there ) We walk, distances are short.

India, China and the other large populoation countries in the world, I don't have a clue.


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