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12.01.2021 kl 16:09 22690

Toppan subsidiary acquires FutureCard and iDGate
Beyond the new project, Toppan has also been expanding steadily in Asia in the last quarter of 2020.

In fact, the company’s Singapore subsidiary Toppan Leefung acquired end-to-end card solution provider FutureCard back in October.

The acquisition, which was supported by Toppan Leefung’s investment platform Toppan Gravity, fits into the firm’s vision of extending its smartcard solutions and services to new markets.

The move will also help Toppan develop next generation payment solutions, ID, and transport card platforms.

Toppan is already partnered with Zwipe on biometric payment cards in the region.

One month after the acquisition of FutureCard, Toppan Leefung acquired Taiwan-based fintech firm iDGate Corporation.

The acquisition was also supported by Toppan Gravity, and will see iDGate retain its societal structure, and help the company strengthen its worldwide market presence.

iDGate focuses on the development of multi-factor authentication technologies as well as AI-powered facial recognition combined with secure mobile device techniques.

Following the acquisition of iDGate, Toppan said it will further extend its coverage in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
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