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15.01.2021 kl 20:41 19454

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22:00 fram om Financial Inclusion med Mastercard och IDEMIA med Edenred Bank Biometric card till elderly population.

Biometric technology enabling financial
Biometric technology has long been seen as a way to
reliably and conveniently authenticate the identity of
millions of people and ensure greater financial
inclusion for those who remain unbanked due to a
range of factors from language, health limitations,
physical barriers or a distrust of the financial system.
In May, IDEX sensors were used in a successful pilot
between Edenred, one of the world’s largest payment
solutions providers, and Mastercard to ensure greater
security for state benefit programs. The pilot was
conducted by Sonora state in Mexico and provided
beneficiaries with increased security when receiving
their entitled benefit since the card protects their
identity and cannot be used by anyone else.
This trial is an example of emerging market
opportunities where IDEX’s biometric solutions can
improve social welfare programs and financial
inclusion by reducing reliance on cash payments and
minimizing the potential for fraud.

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