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Shelf Drilling is a leading international shallow water offshore jackup rig operator engaged in the drilling and completion of offshore oil and gas wells. Shelf Drilling is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and currently conducts drilling operations in the Southeast Asia, Middle East, India, West Africa and North Africa / Mediterranean markets with a fleet of 37 independent-leg cantilever jackup rigs and one swamp barge. The Shelf Drilling fleet was acquired from Transocean Ltd. (NYSE:RIG) in November 2012.

The Company is the world’s third largest contractor of independent-leg cantilever jackup rigs and a major competitor in all of the markets in which it operates. Specifically, Shelf Drilling is the largest jackup contractor in each of the Southeast Asia, India and West Africa markets. The Company contracts its drilling rigs to national oil companies, integrated major oil companies and independent oil and natural gas companies primarily on a day rate basis for periods generally ranging from three months up to three years. The Company owns all of the drilling rigs in the fleet.

Shelf Drilling is led by a team of seasoned offshore oil drilling professionals and currently employs approximately 3,500 people, with about 3,200 working offshore and 300 onshore. The Company operates exclusively in the shallow water segment of the offshore drilling business which generally is under 400 feet. Shelf Drilling’s rigs and employees have a long track record under Transocean of providing safe, reliable and efficient drilling operations.

Pris på hele selskapet; 450 millioner. Det er en vits.

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