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Tittet litt på transcript fra q3 for å se om det ble sagt noe om sidesteget på Guebiba. Det fant jeg ikke. Dette ble imidlertid sagt vdr. Tunisia hvis det er av interesse.

« And one of the interesting things that's happened is the Guebiba. When we drilled Guebiba-10, we encountered the Douleb reservoir, which is a very exciting reservoir in Guebiba field dominantly, although we do find it in other fields in the area as well.

Now we knew it existed. We knew we would find it. What we've ended up finding is on logs. It looks like a very, very good quality Douleb reservoir. We do produce some Douleb at the moment in other wells. The Bireno, which is a lower reservoir is a more prolific producer of those wells produce 300, 400, 500 barrels a day type of thing, very good wells, very economic wells and they produce for a long period of time.

The Douleb is a different animal. It can produce 1,000, 1,500 maybe 2,000 barrels a day of these wells. And so when you can find them in a good location and you can provide the right water support, water injection support for them. They can really produce exceptionally well.»

Douleb kan altså bli veldig bra.

« John Hamilton

Yes. So production in Tunisia, I think, we'd like to come out and tell you that we have plans to grow it from here. I think what we recognize, we have 14 wells on stream. We've just gone through a workover program, some things work, some things have not worked, some things have worked better than expected. Some things have been a little disappointing. But on a portfolio basis, obviously, it's going very, very well. And we have additional activity -- workover activity. So it's not CapEx. It will come through OpEx lined up over the next three months. Let's hope that that does go well. Those activities do have the possibility to increase production materially from where we are. But until we're done we won't say. So I mean at the moment, we're kind of good and steady on the 5,000. I don't see at this stage until we get through the remainder of the work program to really guide beyond that.

CapEx for 2021 therefore is predominantly going to be capital expenditure in Gabon. And to the extent that we -- when we drill in South Africa or in Salloum West those will be CapEx related activities as well. There's some uncertainty in terms of the exact funding of those two events. But the CapEx in Gabon is principally to come in and try the fifth well in and to drill the sixth well -- production well to get our production back over 20,000 barrels a day. That is reasonably low CapEx. I think that plus the exploration well is -- we drill an exploration as well we hope in the summer is something like $50 million gross. So 7.5% of that it's not terribly much money. And then, when we resanction the Hibiscus/Ruche project, we'll start incurring towards the second half of the year presumably some additional capital expenditure related to that.»

*videre fra Tunisia

« Nigel McKim

Sure, John. So yes, the El Ain work. We've got two wells there that we're looking to bring back online in the coming months. One learning out of activities over this past year was the success of asset stimulations. And we had an early success in the Rhemoura field at the beginning of the year where we managed to get a significant boost in production from an asset stimulation on Rhemoura 1. So that particular technology we've been looking at using elsewhere across our assets. And we've identified a few wells in the Cercina field that could benefit from that. So one of the first operations out there is intended to target one of those wells at Cercina 3, where we look to asset simulation and change out in ESP pump. So that's another of the activities that we have in our near to medium-term plans for workovers. And then alongside that as touch elsewhere in the presentation, we've got a series of subsurface reevaluations going on and that may yield additional opportunities.»

* Nesten ingenting om Salloum West:

« We also have the Salloum West exploration well, which we have planned for 2021. In the success case, we can tie that back to TPS as well. So we have plenty to go for in Tunisia still to come.»

Ang. Salget av Aje.

John Hamilton

«Great. We have some questions that have come in written questions. There are a couple of questions on the timing of the Nigeria deal the sale of our Nigerian interest to PetroNor. The question is concerned the timing of it and if there's a risk that it won't happen given that there is a long stop date under the sale and purchase agreement of December 31. Look the intention of the parties both PetroNor, they're not on the call and so I don't have to speak to themselves, but both PetroNor and Panoro and the operator at Aje are extremely focused on completing this transaction and that we see -- everybody is still fully intending on completing this transaction.»
We are a hostage a little bit to the fortunes of the Nigerian regulator basically had a two things which slowed down their process. One was COVID and the offices were closed for a number of months. We also had -- there were some, sort of, civil unrest in Nigeria, which again closed the office. And we -- they've also undertaken a big marginal field licensing round in Nigeria. So the regulators have their hands full, but we're all pushing towards it.«

*Det var også noe fra Sør-Afria

« Next slide, please. Further corporate updates Block 2B in South Africa, this is the very exciting block that we farmed in together with Africa Energy. We're expecting approvals from the ministry to enter into this Block before Christmas we hope. Completion of our deal subject to that consent from minister is also subject to Azinam, we're the proposed operator coming in and farming into the Block as well. So fully funded well there.»

« As a reminder, we formed into this block again in South Africa about nine months ago. And we farmed in together with Africa Energy who are selling down their stake. They were focused much more on their big project with Tortue. And with Azinam, our transaction is subject to Minister of consent and to Azinam completing their share of the farm in. Those two things have not happened yet. We expect the Ministry of consent to happen soon then we rely on Azinam completion as the final step on that one.

Richard, do you want to talk a little bit about what the potential of that license is and what that story is about? And just remind people quickly.

Richard Morton

Sure. Thanks, John. So as a reminder the block is very small. A small basin we drilled in 1988. There's already 2C resources on it from the discovery well, which is the Aje well. That amounted to 37 million barrels. The plan is to drill update from that discovery. We're targeting a stratigraphic structural play there and we estimate 163 million barrels over a couple of prospects there with couple of stack prospects. Ultimately in the block itself, we've got prospects in lead inventory, which amounts to just under 1 billion barrels in total.»

* Hvorfor de nevner Aje vet jeg ikke. Må være feil. Interessant det med Azinam. Kanskje det står litt på dem også og ikke bare myndighetene.
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