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IDEMIA Smart City Card eller ? Jag läste i en annanstans att man kunde lägga till flera tjänster i samma kort , transport, verifikation mm

The upgrade comes after IDEMIA announced its “Converged Card” concept toward the end of last year. The Converged Card would essentially combine a driver’s license and payment card into a single physical credential. Down the line, it’s easy to imagine such a concept being paired with a mobile virtual credential; in any case, it’s clear that IDEMIA is actively working to innovate in the government-issued ID space through these different, if complementary, technological approaches.


Converged Card is a state-issued driver’s license or identification with a payment credential. This card or digital application will support state-subsidized programs, including unemployment benefits, housing and utility assistance, and tax refunds, allowing the government to automatically reach people that need funding through the public sector faster than with a paper check.

Mastercard is proud to support the Converged Card solution with our trusted partner IDEMIA. This Converged Card solution is the result of Mastercard's strategic partnership with IDEMIA, established in 2018 through City Possible, a unique global network for urban co-development. City Possible allows members to draw on the collective expertise and resources of all stakeholders in order to scale innovative solutions that address pressing global challenges. Over the past two years, we have collaborated to develop solutions that would enable financial inclusion worldwide.

We see a massive opportunity for the convergence of identity and finance. This solution creates an easy way for our citizens to access financial services to receive payments, including unemployment insurance benefits and tax refunds, or to make payments including vehicle registration fees, income taxes, and professional licensing fees. This creates a more secure environment for both citizens and the state as we can confirm that payments are going to real and eligible customers. We’re grateful for partners like IDEMIA and Mastercard that we can work with to provide our citizens with these impactful innovations.

Jag kan bara säga att Mexico, Afrika, India och en del USA med detta och ni kan hitta länkar i mina tidigare inläggen
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