Olje og energi

MC Axel
25.01.2021 kl 00:16 1344

A good question. Like Mr. Binnion says, Canada needs to think about its own energy security!

MC Axel
I dag kl 00:02
Mr. Binnion is active

"BINNION: A briefing note for Trudeau for conversation with Biden on Keystone XL

Author of the article:

Michael Binnion

Publishing date:

Jan 22, 2021 • "

"Mr. Prime Minister, no matter what the outcome of your conversation with President Biden, this unilateral announcement by the president reminds us that Canada needs to consider its own energy security. Your government’s policies have called for enormous improvements from the Canadian oil and gas industry — which is already the best in the world. Our industry, against conventional opinion, is successfully rising to your challenge."

"The Canadian oil and gas industry has gone from laggards to leaders. As the planet grows to 10 billion in population by 2050, it will need almost double the energy of today. Fulfilling that future energy demand with a lower environment footprint than today is the challenge of our times — and one we must and will meet. This is the very definition of energy transition. No one is ahead of Canada on energy transition and our industry is committed to net zero by 2050. Your government and the Canadian energy industry have the same goals and we should be working closely together to lead the world."


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