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“Our vision is to have NFC products everywhere and we are scaling up our production plant in San Jose, California, to print 7bn tags in the next two years. The price will come down as we scale up, before it was mainly premium end products that were taking our tags, but if you give consumers value they will tap on it​,” added Butler.

“With NFC we filter out the noise and go direct to the consumer and they are more likely to choose your brand as a result.​

“We produce our NFC tags in San Jose, and 100% test our chips before we dispatch them. Once we choose a converter [supplier] we help them with a converter certification process an ‘onboarding process’ to make sure everything is produced at the right standard​.

“Content is really important. You have to give value to your consumers because they won’t tap for the sake of tapping. In the case of Kilchoman, for content, they built a beautiful website with information about the distillery, an animated comparison about the two whiskies, Machir Bay and Sanaig​.

“The results showed a 6.5% engagement rate, higher than social media banner ads, and other methods. It’s also a lot more personal, qualitative rather than quantitative​.”
Cloud Platform

Butler said its CNECT (Cloud Platform) analytics showed each bottle was tapped by 1.35 consumers on average with a 35% virality rate (ie each tag was tapped multiple times and shared by friends).

The results saw interaction in 13 countries despite being launched in only a few countries, and engagement was highest in Finland and Helsinki, which Butler said is an indication Kilchoman should focus on that market.

“It took seven weeks to get the NFC integrated bottles from ship to shelf, and we learnt about the popularity of each variant so the distillery knows which flavor profiles are more applicable to various markets,”​ added Butler.

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#6 Johnnie Walker

IOT in a whisky bottle may seem like an unnecessary frill but the patent-pending OpenSense technology actually serves multiple purposes for the company as well as the consumer. Along with unique identifiers to check the status of each bottle in the supply chain, they also contain tags to check if the bottles have been tampered in any way, or if they are counterfeit products.

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