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05.02.2021 kl 21:21 3499

belix I sincerely hope so, however the lack of volume stock trade in this company render again a massive risk for downside if a fund(s) decides to jump ship after Q4, lately picking up stocks at the low 16. The volume is simply not there to take all the sales. That is the problem - volume. No volume interest. No large top 20 owner is willing to take on this fantastic company. Since 19th October last until today, during the highest income period ever in history for Kitron (during 40/50 years), the communication from the company is not there, it is stuck in the past. CFO, CEO, where are they compared to other companies that do not even make money, even if such companies definitely belong to the future? Now is the chance for Kitron to show off; what kind of brilliant quality company it is. Yes, among other things, it is secret, high tech military equipment to Western defense investments, etc. Budget orders kept in the dark. Nevertheless, Kitron delivers clever electronics to many branches including green, welfare, energy. Vevlen Gård should consider what they want to do with this company and the future communication to the market. Management today is doing a good job but I call for a much more open minded approach. I call for a much more pro-active management. I appreciate that Kongsberg Defence sets the agenda for much of Kitrons business but that is not all of what Kitron delivers. Pro-activeness and transparency. It is time for Vevlen Gård to consider the future or take the company off the stock exchange.

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