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24.02.2021 kl 18:41 871

Frkmy skrev D her suuuuger
On Wednesday morning, Norwegian Next Biometrics, a competitor to Fingerprint Cards, reported a fourth quarter with a shrinking loss: minus 8.8 million Norwegian kroner against minus 51.8 million in the corresponding period in 2019.SafeFrame ContainerAbout our ads

Sales during the quarter amounted to NOK 8.8 million (9.2), in line with a prior announcement from the company last week in connection with a then completed private placement of SEK 89 million, to set against a cash of SEK 68 million at the turn of the year. The gross margin also developed in line with the advance announcement: plus 16 percent against minus 2 percent a year ago.

The capital raising was made at a price of SEK 6, just over a week after the share price had received a boost of more than 100 percent from a press release about an important order of PC sensors: the share rose from 3.28 to 7.87 Norwegian kroner on 8- February 10th.

Ola Rollén, Hexagon’s CEO, is with his private investment company Greenbridge the largest owner in Next Biometrics since a notable investment in the autumn of 2015, which made Greenbridge the owner of at most almost 19 percent of the company.

Since then, the share has fallen, and the share price has plummeted to a fraction of the levels at which the investment took place. According to the owner service Holdings, as of February 22, Greenbridge owned just over 8 percent of Next. Last week’s issue diluted the owner company from just under 10 percent to today’s level.

The refined large company CEO expresses his approval with Wednesday’s report:

“Can only state that Next is going in the right direction”, he writes in an email to Di, and continues:SafeFrame ContainerAbout our ads

“The costs are now at a good level, the cash register is full and they take orders and design wins in the so-called FAP20 area – a good turnaround by Peter.”

The Swede Peter Heuman, a Chalmers-educated civil engineer, became CEO of Next at the age of 43 in September 2019, after a previous position as CEO of First North-listed Done Management & Systems (later Nordkom) and also has a background in Ericsson.

The Fap20 sensors mentioned by Ola Rollén appear in a press release 1 from Next on February 4, when the share price rose 16 percent. According to Wednesday’s announcement, Next Biometric has received orders for more than NOK 13 million for the first quarter of 2021, with an improved gross margin.

The Next share was up 1.2 percent to the level of SEK 6.80 at 10 o’clock on Wednesday. So far this year, however, it is up as much as 160 percent.

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