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Spain is not only becoming the most attractive European PV market, it is also set to return to its former glory as the largest in 2019 as the result of auctions, increased activity in the PPA segment, and more distributed generation. According to forecasts given to pv magazine by the European solar association SolarPower Europe, in 2018 alone newly installed PV capacity in the country will reach around 714 MW, while in 2019 solar growth may bring numbers not seen in Europe for several years.

Great expectations

SolarPower Europe has formulated three scenarios for the growth of Spanish PV in the next year: a low scenario predicting 1,731 MW of new additions, a mid scenario providing 3,266 MW, and a high scenario with a remarkable 9,798 MW. In the V Solar Forum, “PV leading the energy transition,” held by Spanish PV association UNEF in Madrid this November 6 and 7, with absolute conviction, Raffaele Fait, representing SolarPower Europe said that “with 4, 5, or 6 GW, Spain will be the leading European market in 2019.”

That a minimum of approximately 4 GW of new PV will be grid-connected in Spain next year should be ensured by the deadline of the renewable energy auction held in July 2017, in which around 3.9 GW of PV capacity was assigned. These projects, in fact, must start delivering power to the Spanish grid by the end of 2019. And their construction has already begun across several sites, while the size of developers such as ACS Group, Forestalia, Endesa, and Naturgy, among others, leaves no doubt about the financial close for most of the projects.

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