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The United States has an opportunity to catalyze a global economic and environmental shift with significant investments in clean energy that will create jobs, improve our infrastructure, and tackle the climate crisis. Solar energy is the fastest growing and least expensive renewable energy sector, making it a crucial component of a clean energy economy.

Demand for solar energy is skyrocketing as the world transitions away from fossil fuels, but China dominates the solar supply chain. This legislation will boost American solar to create American clean energy jobs, better compete with Chinese manufacturers, and support American energy independence.

Tax Incentives for the Solar Industry:
• This bill would provide tax credits to the solar manufacturing industry at every stage of the supply chain, incentivizing domestic production necessary for producing solar energy technologies and creating tens of thousands of American jobs.

• Currently, entire stages of the supply chain are not produced in the U.S., forcing companies to import from China and other countries.

• This legislation would create tens of thousands of American jobs, help the U.S. become a leader in manufacturing solar technologies, build a resilient, domestic renewable energy resource, and increase American competitiveness in global markets.

• This bill will spur the U.S. solar industry to expand manufacturing capacity, create clean jobs nationally, drive down solar deployment costs, and meet renewable energy objectives to fight climate change.

Benefits to Solar Industry and U.S.:
• Drives down prohibitive costs for solar manufacturing companies

• Brings manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. and creates tens of thousands of American clean energy jobs

• Helps the U.S. become competitive in a solar global market

• Helps to reduce reliance on China to meet clean energy and national security goals

• Helps accelerate a clean energy economy and combat climate change

The legislation is supported by: Q-CELLS America, Hemlock Semiconductors, LG Electronics
USA, REC Silicon ASA, Wacker Polysilicon North America, Sunnova Energy International Inc.,
First Solar, Mission Solar, Leading Edge Equipment Technologies, Auxin Solar, Swift Solar,
1366 Technologies, Silfab Solar, Heliene, and the Ultra Low Carbon Solar Alliance.

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