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24.06.2021 kl 13:34 411

There are four (4) major catalysts in July 2021

(a) There was a rule change done on June 23rd which requires market makers to cover their positions in one
(1) day. This means that they can no longer finance the shorts - in essence it is a margin call on all shorts
There are 31 million shares shorts whom are getting pretty desperate. You can see this with fake news
articles at Globe and Fail, at National Geocrap and, with fake lawsuits.

(b) Close of Renaissance deal giving RECO total control over the license in Nambia and Botswana

(c) 2D - seismic over 450 km, which will confirm oil traps

(d) Blockbuster news - end of July 2021 that will tie in oil from hole 6-2 to 6-1 over 16 kilometers of
sweet oil and high gas. This will be MONSTER NEWS.

Through their desperate attempts with fake news articles in major publications, fake lawsuits, fake complaints, fake Congress cries, they are actually helping RECO get the word out to the world of their MASSIVE OIL project in Nambia and Botswana.

Normally RECO would have to pay millions of $$$$ in publicity, but they are benefitting freely from this publicity because the shorts are doing this work for us.

What happens when these fake articles are published is that new investors will become intrigued, they will read the story and then do some research to realize that it is FAKE NEWS and, it actually turns them into BUYERS OF RECO STOCK.

No one wants to miss out on a potential CONSERVATIVE 120 billion barrels of oil, where the stock will trade in the hundreds of $$$$ per share and, the shorts become a meal for shareholders KENTUCKY FRIED SHORTS.


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