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shareholdings -Norsk Hydro ASA

The Capital Group Companies, Inc. (CGC) is the parent company of Capital
Research and Management Company (CRMC). CRMC is a U.S.-based investment
management company that manages the American Funds family of mutual funds. CRMC
manages equity assets for various investment companies through three divisions,
Capital Research Global Investors, Capital International Investors, and Capital
World Investors. CRMC in turn is the parent company of Capital Group
International, Inc. (CGII), which in turn is the parent company of five
investment management companies (CGII management companies): Capital Guardian
Trust Company, Capital International, Inc., Capital International Limited,
Capital International Sárl and Capital International K.K. The CGII management
companies primarily serve as investment managers to institutional clients. For
a more complete description of our organization, please refer to our web site at

Neither CGC nor any of its affiliates own shares of your company for its own
account. Rather, the shares reported on this Notification are owned by accounts
under the discretionary investment management of one or more of the investment
management companies described above.

Pursuant to the Norwegian Securities Trading Act Section 3-2 and Regulations of
18 December 2002, we hereby disclose the following information.

On 7 February 2019, one or more of CGCs management companys acquired 2,653,019
shares, resulting in a shareholding of 104,320,829, amounting to 5.04%. Please
see the attached schedule A for transaction details.

Capital Research and Management Company 104,320,829 5.04%
Capital Guardian Trust Company 0 0%
Capital International, Inc. 0 0%
Capital International Limited 0 0%
Capital International Sàrl 0 0%
Capital International K.K. 0 0%

CGC Total 104,320,829 shares / 5.04%

For the purpose of this Report, the total voting rights figure of 2,068,998,276
shares was used to calculate the percentage of holdings. We believe this figure
is current; however, if this number is not accurate, please contact us as soon
as possible so we may make the necessary revisions.

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