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Two things (almost wondering if you read my last, but again)

2 rigs we know Sonogal puts into J / V, Sonadrill.

The SDRL should participate with owned or managed DRILLSHIPS (no Semi subs (there you have a Royal info.).

To my knowledge, both West Mira and West Aquila are maaged by SDRL + that NODL has an option for one
more rig too, ( a fifth ),
Cobalt Explorer, at a very low price. NODL has in its statutes said that the company
was created to invest in '' distressed assets '', which can now turn into amazing prospects
As I said, the price of the BB charter is likely to mean profit from the first Day Go for NODL.

In return, the SDRL as manager gets a solid team in the innermost political and decition
makers circles in Angola, as now recently got a new president who won the election after 40 years of mismanagement,
and promised that corruption should be stopped FWIW.

Such a deal as I outline, BB charter from NODL to SDRL, with the same '' terms '', however, BB rate from NODL to SDRL
will be profitable given the latter's low purchasing costs of the rigs, NODL get both profit and lovely cash flow.

Thereafter, NODL are also in a positionn to invest in Further stressed assets (read purchases from creditors / bond
holders, from other shipping companies with rigs who do not fulfill their obligations. In the long run, therefore, in my opinion,
NODL will have a huge upside.

From now on, I will only post in English, as it for me simplifies my postings.

Those norwegians here, not understanding English well, well, you should not be here at all, not least invest in companies
that are foreign. I'd suggest you invest in fishfarming and real estate, or all Norw. companies.

Also remember OSE, is an English reporting Stock Exchange ( Børse ).

Good luck to all.

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