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Her er meldingen som er lagt ut :

Siden vi ikke har mottatt noen motforestillinger mot å sende en liten mail til selskapet angående diverse i etterkant av Q4 presentasjonen har undertegnede ikveld sendt følgende til CEO Schneider med styreformann Egberts på kopi. Flere spørsmål kunne vært stilt, men vi har forsøkt å trekke inn de mest essensielle punkter.
Svar vil bli publisert her så snart det måtte foreligge.

Hello Dan,

I am one of four founders of the Facebook group "Photocure Investors" The group currently holds 385 members, most of whom are shareholders in Photocure.
Several of them are major investors in the company. Some of them on the Top 20 and even more on the Top 100 list.
Growth in the US shows a tremendous development and we are great enthusiasts in relation to the company PHO and its wonderful tools to combat bladder cancer

We are very grateful if you can give some answers to questions about the following issues.

- Media.
We never experience the company being interviewed in any medium, why don't you want to spread the wonderful message about how good Blue Light Cystoscopy is for those affected by bladder cancer? The market / investors depend on positive refinements to maintain their interest in the company.
Question: Do you have any plans that can improve this impression?

-Plus / minus EBITDA.
The company has chosen a strategy where further and faster growth in the US is preferred before profit.
The growth of the company is high, revenues are rising at a rapid pace. We are therefore amazed that the company will not make profit before 2020. The company will now employ 9 new employees, but that alone cannot be the reason why a profit in 2019 is not possible.
Question: Are there other reasons why it is not possible to make a profit in 2019 beyond new employments?

-Stock exchange releases / information.
Very few stock exchange announcements are sent out in PHO, which certainly does not contribute to increased confidence in the market. We're trying to keep up to date with, but it's very difficult and doesn't match reality.
Question: The market would like you to inform the market on an ongoing basis when new scopes are installed, can this be done?

You are talking about a positive and growing pipeline.
When closing big deals or contracts between quarter presentations it would be great for the investors to get this information on ongoing basis.
Question: Can you tell more about the pipeline, are we dealing with 20 or 100 new scopes?

-Problems due to the Flexible scopes.
Question: Why did the company choose not to inform the market about this problems at once?

- Sale.
Question: Is it Photocure who actively contacts hospitals or is the hospitals that now are addressing Photocure and asking for Blue Light?

We find that the interest among leading personnel and board members to buy shares is low compared to other companies.
Recommendation: We hope you can encourage them to buy more shares in their own company. This creates trust and confidence in the market in general.

We hope you can take the time to answer the above questions.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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