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At Tomra allerde har en 18 år lang historie bak seg i Chile, skyldes at Tomra kjøpte newzealandske COMPAC høsten 2016. Nå rapporterer Tomra om stor suksess og flotte utsikter i det chilenske markedet.

TOMRA Food consolidates its position in the Chilean market

TOMRA Food closed the 2018 financial year while consolidating its position in Chile and it predicts 2019 will be excellent thanks to the country's good growth prospects. Johan Germeys, the Commercial Director for Latin America of TOMRA Food, and Paola Arevalo, Sales Manager of TOMRA Food Chile, spoke about their forecasts for the food market in the country.


"Chile is a sea of opportunities and its main challenge is to maintain the pace of modernization and automation it has already started. TOMRA's new technology allows producers of fresh and processed foods to increase their the quality standards. This technology can be used by a multitude of sectors, such as nuts, seafood, dehydrated fruits, seeds, vegetables, fruits, or potatoes," says Johan Germeys.


The advantages of TOMRA solutions, customized for a multitude of products

From nuts and dried fruits to seafood and vegetables, TOMRA Food offers a solution for each product through a broad portfolio of models. The company's Helius, Nimbus, Genius, Blizzard, Halo, ZEA, and Sentinel II classifiers have already become references for the Chilean market.


Technological leadership, food security and digital transformation, the pillars of TOMRA technology

TOMRA offers unique technical solutions. "Our ability to combine different classification technologies, such as: color cameras, near infrared, or NIR, spectroscopy and laser detection, make a difference," says Paola Arevalo.

The company bases its global success on 3 pillars. Thanks to its technological leadership, TOMRA Food allows producers of nuts, vegetables, fruits and potatoes (among others) to improve their accuracy, efficiency, and profitability. To help brands offer food safety and protect their prestige, TOMRA helps its customers ensure their food complies with high quality, hygiene, and traceability standards. Finally, thanks to the digital transformation, the analysis of the data collected by the TOMRA Food machines helps producers analyze the production process, improving its efficiency and reducing operating costs.

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