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The operator said the Maastrichtian reservoir at Maromba is economically attractive and fully appraised by nine wells, with first oil feasible for 2019 based on using a floating production, storage and offloading vessel.
Four identified prospects  — Lobo, Castor, Dingo and Chinchila — with multiple targets in Eocene, Maastrichtian, Albian and Aptian horizons are located across the concession, with sizeable exploration upside.

Maromba. Three wells were drilled in 2006, two discoveries and one dry hole, and resulted in filing for the maximum area retention in the Declaration of Commerciality. Results confirmed approximately 140 million potentially recoverable oil-equivalent barrels

The sale of these assets will allow the company to raise some funds to bring down its exorbitant levels of debt and enhance its capital structure.

Chevron also holds non-operating stakes in four other offshore Brazilian fields in the Campos Basin: Atlanta, Oliva, Maromba and Papa-Terra.
"We've got a couple other developments that make a lot of economic sense, and that's good. But we are such a long-term business," Kirkland said.
That long-term future would have looked much brighter with greater access to Brazil's so-called subsalt oil discoveries. While some foreign oil companies snapped up so-called subsalt blocks, remaining acreage was yanked from concession auctions after the first discovery was made.

Det er tydeligt at Maromba er for lille til de 2 tunge drenge.

Petrobras har I forvejen ca. 14Gbbl I reserver.
Chevron tænker mere langsigtet end det Maromba kan tilbyde.

BWO tænker kortsigtet og handler snapt. De kan starte production relativt hurtigt. De har erfaring med FPSO development i over 30år. De ved hvad der skal til. Andre aktører bruger oceaner af tid og penge på undersøgelser, udvikling og bla bla bla.
Olien skal op NU, om 10-20 år er der ikke brug for den mere.
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