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Tomras CEO har kommunisert at Tomra opplever god aksept i det kinesiske markedet når det gjelder selskapets teknologi. Å lykkes i Kina er ingen selvfølge for utenlandske selskaper. Her et nydelig, ferskt eksempel på Tomras teknologis gjennomslag i Kina. "The way out for local food companies" er som dere ser overskriften, og hva betyr det? Jo, i denne sammengheng at Tangshan Dingchen Food Co., Ltd lykkes som eksportør av frosne grønnsaker, frukt, bær og nøtter til 20 nasjoner, takket være den høye, garanterte kvaliteten man oppnår ved å bruke Tomras sorteringsteknologi! :)

NB!!! Tao Lang/Taurang == TOMRA

Dingchen: The way out for local food companies

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Established in 2005, Tangshan Dingchen Food Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented leading enterprise integrating base planting, quick-freezing processing, frozen storage, logistics and distribution. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia; the domestic market has formed a nationwide linkage network.

The company has been awarded the honorary titles of “China Well-known Trademark”, “Hebei Province Science Popularization Demonstration Base” and “Provincial Agricultural Industrialization Key Leading Enterprise” for its outstanding performance and social contribution. It is the agricultural industrialization of Hebei Province and the export of agricultural products. One of the leading companies.

Focus on the global market and build product quality

Tangshan Dingchen mainly produces quick-frozen vegetables, including frozen sweet corn, green peas, carrots, and green beans. Dingchen insists on providing high-quality products to customers with high standards. For the problems of color 腐, rot, and foreign matter in products, it has been manually sorted to eliminate these possible quality hazards. However, as orders grow, the limitations of manual sorting do not guarantee the stability of product quality. Dingchen began planning to replace manual sorting with automated technology to improve and stabilize product quality.

In a series of market research, Dingchen learned that many large foreign food companies are using Taolang's optical sorting machine to control product quality, such as the US SMITH Frozen Food Company, the US Monsanto Seed Company, and the Swiss Syngenta. , France TOP SEMENCE company. Dingchen's foreign customers have repeatedly praised Taurang's sorting technology for its efficiency and stability, and its product quality has also been greatly improved and stabilized. Therefore, it has always wanted to have the opportunity to learn more about Taurang's technical solutions.

At a corn conference, Dingchen’s representative listened to Tao Lang’s technical introduction and took the initiative to contact Tao Lang and visited the factory of Taolang’s foreign corn processing customers to experience the efficiency and effectiveness of automated sorting equipment. After comprehensively evaluating the evaluation of equipment by foreign counterparts, Chairman Gao Aidong made a decisive decision on purchasing. He believed that this equipment can help Dingchen improve and stabilize the quality of the control products, and improve the efficiency of the processing line and reduce labor costs.

“Dingchen has always been adhering to the philosophy of making quality products. When we actually see the efficient sorting, high output and labor cost savings of Taurang equipment, we consider that the investment of this project is very cost-effective and will be in the future. Have a good long-term return."

——Tangshan Dingchen Chairman, Mr. Gao Aidong

Automated sorting equipment guarantees quality and wins more trust from foreign customers

In 2017, Tangshan Dingchen installed Taurang's Genius sorting equipment on the production line. After the installation of the equipment, Dingchen realized a sorting capacity of 3 tons per hour, which can remove impurities such as corn husks, corn stalks, black granules, brown granules, insects, broken plastics, broken glass, metal shreds and other foreign materials at high speed. A significant improvement. The stability of the sorting equipment for automatic sorting can ensure the quality of the finished products after sorting in the case of uneven quality of raw materials.

For foreign customers and the market, if there are mixed products, cross-contaminants or impurities in the product, it will cause serious food safety problems. After using the Taolang equipment, Dingchen significantly reduced the occurrence of the above food safety incidents. The product quality has been recognized by foreign customers and the brand reputation has been consolidated.

“With the Taurang sorting machine, foreign customers have more confidence in our products, our products are getting better and better, and repeat customers have increased. We are very dependent on this equipment now.”

——Tangshan Dingchen Chairman, Mr. Gao Aidong

Get rid of the troubles of recruiting

Dingchen needs manual sorting workers to sort impurities before introducing automated sorting equipment. However, since corn and vegetables are seasonal products, the employment of enterprises varies greatly from season to season. Therefore, Dingchen has been facing the problem of high labor costs in the peak season and difficulty in recruiting workers, which cannot meet the capacity demand.

After the introduction of Taolang's automated sorting equipment, this problem was solved: in the production season, only two manual sorting workers were needed on the production line, which not only reduced the labor cost, but also solved the seasonal recruitment difficulties and required each time. Take the time to train new workers.

Comprehensive professional local technical support

In addition to the stability of the equipment itself, Dingchen is very satisfied with Taurang's local technical service support. After completing the installation of the equipment, Taurang provided five days of equipment operation and routine maintenance training. In daily use, Dingchen can contact Taurang's domestic engineers at any time through a 24-hour customer service hotline and WeChat to solve some operational-related questions in a timely manner.

These timely and rapid technical responses enable Dingchen's equipment to maintain continuous and stable operation, and smoothly adjust the product parameters when the sorting products change or the quality of the raw materials of the products are very different.

Business growth is strong, and production line expansion once again chooses Taurang

Due to the effective guarantee of product quality, Dingchen Food has been recognized by more and more domestic and foreign customers, and the order volume has increased rapidly. In order to meet the growing demand for orders, Dingchen Food is currently preparing for the construction of a new plant.

Chairman Dingchen Food Gao Aidong believes that the experience of using Taurang sorting equipment on existing production lines shows that Taurang's leading technology and extensive industry experience can effectively ensure the stable quality of the products, and the equipment of Taurang is stable. , production capacity and sorting efficiency are very good. Therefore, Taurang's sorting equipment will be re-introduced on the new production line.

Hjemmesiden til Tangshan Dingchen Food Co Ltd.

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