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Suksesshistoriene står bokstavelig talt i kø når det gjelder Tomras teknologi. Vi tar turen fra Kina i forrige innlegg til Spania her.

Frupinsa driver med mandelproduksjon og produksjon av mandelskallprodukter. Resultatene og det man sier Om Tomras Nimbus BSI + sorteringsteknologi taler for seg selv. Her er første del av artikkelen fra TECNOALIMEN.

Frupinsa achieves the highest quality of its nuts thanks to Tomra Food's Nimbus BSI + Sorter

March 1, 2019

With the incorporation of the new Nimbus BSI + from Tomra, Frupinsa becomes Spain's first client to put into operation this innovative sorter with which it offers a quality of grain of the highest level.

The Nimbus BSI + works in conjunction with a team of mechanical machines, detecting 100% of the foreign and eliminating elements of the process. Together with this improvement in product quality, the sorter reduces wastage, reduces the constant need for manual-to-end revision of the line, and optimizes the productivity of the plant, thus increasing the profit margins.

Frupinsa (Frutos y feedingstuffs Inmaculada, S.A.), is a company dedicated to the sale of calibrated almonds, almond shell standard for industrial use or, crushed shell and calibrated for domestic use as a substitute for pellets. It also sells Garrofa cleaved in different sizes as well as carob gum. Alejandro Palacios, sales director of Spain and Portugal for Tomra Food, says that "in Tomra we are very pleased that Frupinsa has been the first customer in Spain to bet on BSI + technology for its transformation and development." Likewise, it highlights "The great communication that there was at all times with Frupinsa both in the integration of the machine in the production line, as in the work done jointly".

As a family-run business today by the third and fourth generation of the family, it has in the point of view the constant improvement of its final product. Thus, in the last years the company has made important updates in the central plant of Roquees, Tarragona, which include not only the construction of a new ship and the remodeling of its offices, but also the installation of new machinery of last Generation in almond husking. Frupinsais also part of the cruciblear group, which has for years several Tomra classifiers In other plants of the group. Thanks to good performance and excellent service, Frupinsa decided to incorporate a Nimbus BSI + classifier in its production process.

"Tomra is today the first choice of all Huskers in the almond, hazelnut and carobsector. They propose the best solutions – both in natural grain and almond peeled grain – for the final selection. "With the installation of the Nimbus BSI +, we have greatly improved the quality of our final product, now obtaining a fruit completely free of impurities. The high effectiveness of the Tomra allows us to adjust the machines of mechanical separation of the shell in a less aggressive way, reducing the losses and the criticality of the process, "says Miquel Borrás, plant engineer.

Quality, the key element for the production process

The almond is a "living" product with different properties depending on the variety and it is also changing throughout the year. Together with this product's own difficulty, it must be emphasized that it is a very demanding sector, with a minimum level of tolerance against the presence of foreign materials. That's why Frupinsa required a technology capable of reducing that risk, detecting and eliminating almost 100% error.

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