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Litt nyheter fra Genel i dag (årsrapport):

The investment in the well programme boosted Peshkabir production from 12,000 bopd at the start
of 2018 to 55,000 bopd by the year-end. Due to the high investment returns at Peshkabir, drilling
on the Tawke field was limited in the year, and the field therefore naturally declined. As Peshkabir
moves from appraisal to development, the focus of drilling in 2019 will move back to Tawke. Up to
14 wells are set to be drilled on the main Tawke field, with the operator expecting production to
stabilise at c.75,000 bopd as a result.

KRI assets
Tawke PSC (25% working interest)
Production on the Tawke PSC, operated by DNO, averaged 113,020 bopd in 2018, with production
from Peshkabir contributing 27,660 bopd to this figure. With drilling activity on the Tawke PSC
concentrating on Peshkabir, production at the Tawke field declined to 75,000 bopd by the end of
2018. Work in 2019 will be focused on stabilising production, and 10 wells have been included in
Genel’s firm activity plan for the year, with the operator planning to drill up to 14.
Activity in H1 2018 included ongoing workovers of existing wells, and limited drilling resumed in H2.
One deep Cretaceous well and two shallow Jeribe wells were brought onstream, and these zones
will continue to be targeted for production in 2019.
Ongoing drilling success at Peshkabir resulted in production increasing from 12,000 bopd in January
to over 55,000 bopd at the end of 2018, ahead of schedule and under budget. Wells were drilled
across the structure, and each successfully added to production.
Ahead of the commissioning of a 50,000 bopd central processing facility (‘CPF’) each well produced
via test spreads, a cost-effective way of maximising cash generation while appraising the field. This
is a model that we will look to replicate at Sarta and Qara Dagh.
In 2018 the focus at the field was on drilling and appraising, and six wells were drilled in the year.
Another two are scheduled in our firm budget for 2019, when field development work will come to
the fore. As well as the ongoing commissioning of a 50,000 bopd CPF, a 60,000 bopd capacity
pipeline is under construction and work will begin later in the year on building the gas gathering and
processing facilities to enable reinjection of the associated gas produced at the field into the Tawke
field, both reducing flaring and increasing recoverability at the latter. The gas gathering and
injection system is forecast to be operational in early 2020.
The first well in the 2019 programme, Peshkabir-9, has now been completed as a producing well.
The well was drilled on the eastern flank of the structure, two kilometres from the Peshkabir-3 well,
and therefore confirms production across the entirety of the Peshkabir structure. Production at
Peshkabir is currently c.55,000 bopd.

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