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Herlig lesning, rett og slett!

Her er det noen av bransjens aller største aktører innen bl.a. hasselnøttproduksjon og -foredling som benytter og skryter hemningsløst av Tomras sorteringsteknologi og betydning for lønnsomhet, matsikkerhet m.m. Herlig lesning altså, Gjengir begynnelsen, men her er (mye) mer å lese for den som følger linken.

Hazelnut producers prefer TOMRA technology

Olam Progida, one of the leading hazelnut producers of Turkey, has been increasing its efficiency and product quality with TOMRA food sorting machines for more than 20 years.

Finally, Olam Progida, who delivered TOMRA NıMBUS BSI + machines in 2018, continues to invest with TOMRA, who is pleased with its value for food safety and after-sales services.

Founded in 1989, Olam serves as one of the leading global agricultural companies that supply food and industrial raw materials to more than 22,000 customers worldwide. With its leadership position in the majority of 18 different platforms such as cocoa, coffee, nuts, nuts, sesame, spices, rice and sugar in 66 countries, Olam continues its success in the hazelnut industry with Progida in Turkey. Olam Progida, Turkey's most exporting hazelnut producer as the success of the achievement of TOMRA Food's advanced technology, he also mentions.


Having continued production in four separate hazelnut factories including Giresun, Ordu, Sakarya and Georgia, Olam Progida has been using TOMRA Gida's sorting technologies for 20 years. Progida has a total of 18 TOMRA sorting machines in four separate facilities.

Olam Progida offers value added products such as natural extra selected nuts and roasted hazelnuts, bleached nuts, roasted and chopped nuts, hazelnut paste. The World's second largest hazelnut exporter, underlining the Olam Progida Technical Services and Project Manager Aykut Gören; "Turkey meets 70 percent of the annual hazelnut production in the world. For Centuries, Turkey has always been offering high quality hazelnuts to the world markets. Turkish hazelnut is extremely suitable for industrial use, but of course the conditions of processing are as important as the minimum production conditions. We are processing nuts in our modern integrated facilities, which we equip with the latest technology as Olam Progida. The performance of TOMRA sorting machines in our Lines contributes greatly to our efficiency, "he said.

Olam Progida, mainly in Europe, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, all the world countries, including the annual hazelnut exports processed over 32 thousand tones. More than 673 million jars of cocoa Hazelnut cream to produce enough annual hazelnuts indicating that; "We are going out of traditional methods of Hazelnut management. We use the Latest technology and in this sense we take advantage of the benefits of TOMRA sorting machines in many ways. As we guarantee food reliability with TOMRA, we also see benefits in our operating costs. As a Total solution, we are very pleased with TOMRA's high benefit-cost table, "he explained.

Tar også med stausrapport fra den australske mandelprodusenten Bright Light som bygger splitter nytt produksjonsanlegg utstyrt med 15 sorteringsmaskiner fra Tomra. Les og bli glad. Man trenger ikke hausse Tomra, Tomraq er "selvhaussende". :)

Bright Light Agricultural Products, Tomra has chosen almond extraction solution

15TH APR 2019

One of the fastest growing private companies in the Australian almond industry, Bright Light has chosen TOMRA Food as a solution partner for almond extraction from the beginning. A total of 15 sorting machines will be installed at the Advanced Almond processing site in Hattah/Victoria to achieve the goal of achieving "first-class" quality of Bright Light in the single passage of the product from the tape.

Bright Light Sales and Marketing Manager Simon Murphy said; "After Years of contract manufacturing, we have made a carefully planned decision to invest in the almond processing facilities in Victoria's thriving region, built for our own purposes. With an Annual production volume of 25,000 metric tonnes, this new facility will have the capacity to peel and crush crusted packaging, as well as to classify the raw brown inner almond product according to the ' desired qualities ', "he said.

Bright Light Agricultural Products are cultivating almonds with the latest irrigation infrastructure and technologies. From Recently planted, it has almond orchads in a wide range of ages, from ripe to trees.
"We have fertile almond groves that require us to invest in our OWN processing facility," said Tim Orr, Director of Operation Bright Light. We will Also be ready to process future target product quantities with the growth of our newly planted young trees. We expect our NEW operations to be fully ready for the 2020 season, "he said.
"As Bright Light, we are proud to meet our customers ' expectations with our high quality products," says Orr; "We think in the Long term, and we have passed a strict process in choosing our new hardware that we prefer from different sorting solutions. Using TOMRA's expertise, the concept that we combine with our Project coordinator PASS will make it ready to package our products with minimal Light and re-processing required. To achieve This goal, in addition to other mechanical and pneumatic cleaning units, a total of 15 sorting machines will be installed, "he explained.
"We are very pleased to be a partner of extraction solutions in This exciting project: Senior Vice President and TOMRA Food Sorting President Ashley Hunter. The effort spent by the Bright Light, PASS and TOMRA organization to complete the processing concept has been a good example of sharing the collective experience to deliver the most ideal solutions with cutting-edge products. "

Tim ORR explained: "TOMRA's BSI + technology has made a difference. In Particular, TOMRA's ability to target insect newbores, including insect bites fed with a pinhole-shaped fruit, is not only major damage, it was really surprising. With TOMRA in Australia using this technology in 2018, we have combined laboratory testing with real field data. BSI + technology, double, sticky, immature, rotten and stained products such as other difficult almond defects have revealed extraordinary results, "he said.
Simon Murphy: "The Multi-extraction concept is an important consequence of the global and local application expertise of TOMRA, which means that we can perfectly understand our needs to meet our critical objectives, regulate technology and order of implementation" .
Tim Orr said the ease of operation is another decisive factor in the choice of TOMRA; "Due to the distance to the settlements of the seasoning and growing agricultural areas of the work, access to qualified employees is very difficult. Therefore, The extraction process was important to work with the minimum workmanship, "he added; "TOMRA proved to be the best in his class again. The use of Production conditions and interviews with the operators of the daily working in the extraction machines confirmed that the process with the machines is very easy to operate. "

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