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Fra Q3 18:

"And there is only five companies able to deliver the quality, which is needed in the semiconductor market, and REC is one out of those companies. The new thing coming out is batteries. It has been approximately 20 companies now visiting REC in the U.S., talking about silicon into batteries. We don't know too much about, let's say, the technology and batteries. This is not our, let's say, competence. On the other hand, let's say, these companies they are talking about the batteries will become four times more efficient by using silicon instead of graphite in the anodes of the batteries.

The second thing is that already today 5,000 to 10,000 metric ton out of 400,000 metric ton is used in batteries by companies like Tesla, Samsung, Panasonic and LG, but the market could exceed within the next five years about 100,000 metric ton. And even here, in Norway, we see that there is a strong interest of using – R&D using silicon into the anodes of the batteries. The new thing is basically that both in the U.S. and in Europe, there is a very strong focus now to build a battery, let's say, business.

As you can see from the slide, China seems to be running, let's say, ahead of all others also on the battery side. They have done tremendous investments. They continue to do a lot of investments in batteries. China has basically what they call the 2025 mission. It is about renewables, it's about storage and it's about electric cars. And they do all the investments within these areas.

European car manufacturers, U.S. car manufacturers are very worried about that, let's say, when electric cars come, they don't have necessary supply of batteries and that's why if you remember – or you probably saw some days ago, EU put together a huge package to promote building battery competence in Europe and the same thing in the U.S. And when we now met with the USTR talking about what is important in terms of the trade war, batteries was really what they were focused on because they really want to keep kind of these industries, polysilicon industry, in the U.S. to support also development on the battery side.

This is not an important business to us as of today. But hopefully, within the next two to three years, this will be a very important part of our business as well. And the battery companies are particularly looking for silane and for granular because one of the important thing is that you use polysilicon, a very, very small sized polysilicon granular. That's what they are looking for."

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