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Håper at katta kommer seg igjen, å ihvertfall at ho lever som ei dronning siste tia ho har??
Det er ikkje nokka særlig bra å se kjæledyr lide. IOX klarer seg, ta deg av de viktige tingene først?.Go kveld til deg også.
Greitt å ta med selskapets egne mål for 2019 fra Annual Report
« Highlights
• The Company delivered an EBITDAx (EBITDA adjusted for exploration cost and non-recurring items) of USD 9.7 million, 2017 USD 6.1 million. There are some reasons for this positive trend. A higher production of 5%, the increase in price and the administrative and indirect costs were reduced 28% to USD 3.062 million following a comprehensive efficiency improvement program.
• The Mana field’s Geological Static Model validation and dynamic reservoir modelling started, aiming at improving recovery factor and the feasibility of water flooding for restoring reservoir pressure. The petrophysical model has been finalized. The static geological model is being adjusted to match the model with the field’s historic production.
• Interoil and the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) reached an agreement to settle all outstanding claims and disputes between Interoil Colombia and ANH concerning the Exploration and Production Contract No. 68, Block COR-6. The settlement includes a termination of the COR-6 Contract by agreement and a mutual waiver and definitive release of the parties to make any claim with regard to the COR-6 Contract.
• New export route established for Vikingo. Production is now being transported through Perenco ́s pipeline at Oropendola station 15Km east from the well site allowing a significant reduction in the road maintenance expenses.
• As from January 2018, IFRS 15 standards changed the way Interoil recognizes revenues in joint ventures. Under the new standard, we no longer deduct oil barrels corresponding to our partners from our production reports and revenues as long as they are not deliver in kind to them. When the contracts are settled in cash, partner’s working interest is recognized as a cost offsetting of the corresponding revenue and production. This change makes it difficult to compare 2018 and 2017 figures»
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