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Her et veldig interessant møte med salgsdirektør i Tomra Sorting Food Kina, Liu Linhu. Gjengir bare litt fra innledningen så følg linken under for å lese mer.

NB!! Taurang == Tomra

The food industry continues to develop, and enterprises are steadily seeking to change

China Economic News network 2019-05-07 14:31:02

-Interview with Liu Linhu, sales director of Taurang food sorting in China

Mr. Liu Linhu has over 20 years of experience in the food industry, from process design and R & amp; d in the food industry to the introduction of foreign advanced technology into China, he has been deeply involved in the food industry, dabbling in different areas of the food industry, but also experienced the rapid development of the entire Chinese food industry stage. After joining Taurang China in early 2018, Mr. Liu Linhu was mainly responsible for the sales and pre-sales technical testing of Taurang food in China and the implementation of three pieces of business in the project.

"Three See" the development trend of global food industry

Mr. Liu Linhu the entire food industry chain into three pieces, a piece of raw materials, the second is the processing of products, the third is the consumer end. In his view, the entire food industry is facing changes and challenges in the overall progress of the situation.

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