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Om scope og hvorfor anskaffelsesprosessen tar tid så sa Schneider følgende :

"Keep in mind there is a similar sales cycle to that of rigid for the flexible cystoscopy and cystoscopes, it's a complex and long process.

Let me just take you through a little bit of what happens. A representative meets with the urologist, finds a urology champion, develops that champion, gets them sold on Blue Light Cystoscopy in the need for Cysview put into their practice, they then bring the product to a VAC committee, value-add committee, which could be scheduled two, three, four months out, they bring it to a PINTE[ph] committee to get the product approved, then they go through a capital equipment acquisition process, which requires approvals and purchasing.

They then coordinate with KARL STORZ -- at least in the US with KARL STORZ, who is our equipment supplier for the delivery and installation of that equipment. As you can see, this process is going over months, not days, not weeks but months. And finally, once installed they're trained by our surgical sales specialists as well as the key account managers of KARL STORZ, educating them and implementing the processes necessary to bring patients this benefit"

Det ble også sagt dette:
"Hospitals have very, for the most part, very set processes to devices and drugs through their hospitals, it does take a minimum of six months and upwards of 12 and 18 months to get those installed."
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