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Og om bruksfrekvens som har vært diskutert endel :

"The second part is, once you have it installed, then you have to train them. There is a process you have to put into the program -- into the physician's practice. Typically under white light, the patient walks in and goes right into a cystoscopy procedure, with our product, you have to go in an hour early to get instilled with Cysview or Hexvix. So there's a change in process. So, physicians are doing everything from moving blue light patients to -- on a Friday or just on a Thursday. So they know the processes in place for that day and the nurses know what they need to do to better scheduling overall. And then once you have the process embedded, then the key is -- when you started you may have had one, may two urologists using that one scope out of six, eight, 10, 12. You want to get more urologists using it, so then -- because they're all seeing their own patients and they're learning from each other. And then on top of that, you want to expand the patients that they're treating. So they may start-off in their mind with what they think are may be more of the train wrecks, the really high risk patients. And we want to move them into an intermediate if not even earlier in the process. So, it is -- that process doesn't happen overnight, it takes time and this is a high touch sale. The representatives have to be in those offices or in those procedures from time-to-time. We are contemplating other sort of commercial structures to support it. So we have a -- I think I mentioned the last time at quarter four, hunters and the farmers, so the hunters are out hunting getting new accounts, bring them up to speed installing them. But farmers might come in behind them and generate more urologists using and more patients receiving Cysview or Hexvix."

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